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See educational technology links and videos on the Classroom Web and on multiple Wiki pages. This blog is no lobger being used by kids because Mr. Smith has moved to higher education - Western Illinois University. Please browse through the articles here to see how many different ways that kids can learn with blogging around the world. Oh, for rock and roll fans, here is a video from our annual Winter Air Guitar Party AIR Guitar Link

Kidlink Landmark 2015 Games - The Project starts again in February. Last year we had so many participants that we had to create Group A and group B in the primary Games. We still had only one section in the Challenge Group (older students). Let's see what happens this coming year in the 2015 Games!


teacher: Terry Smith

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On October 28 2009 I went to see Hannah Montana. She was Miley Cyrus at the concert though. The people who went with me were my mom, my sister, my aunt, my cousin, jenny and Morgan and me. Miley's little sister came out before the show. We got good pictures. We sat in the row 4 so we were very close. My friends said why didn't you take me. I could not believe i got to see her in real life. She is pretty. She came right up to me and waved at me. My favorite song was called The Climb. I was happy because that was a once in a lifetime thing my mom said. The day before i went I was so excited. I got to leave school 30 minutes early to go to the concert. It was in ST louis. It was at the Scott Trade Center. It is where the Blues hockey team plays ice hockey. It was packed with people. My little sister never said one word, she just stared at Miley the whole time. I was embarresed because my mom made me hold her hand the whole time. My mom said I could get lost in all the people.We feel asleep on the way home and my mom carried me to bed. I was really hyper on the way there. If you were there you would have thought I ate 100 pixie stix. That was a great day. Maybe I could see another famous person some day again. BYE

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Hi my name is Kaitlyn and my favorite food is pizza with ranch dressing on it and my favorite singer is Taylor Swift and the best song that she sings is Love Story and I love to do gymnastics and my favorite show is Wizards of Waverly Place and I love to read The Box Car Children an I have 1 sister and 1 brother.I love dogs and I have 3 dogs. I meet my friends Marissa and Hailey in 2 grade. I miss my friend gabby and she lives far away but I bet I will get to come see her soon. And thats my little blog all about me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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