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This year our science class did an experiment about living things and their environments. Each team had five vials each, all of them filled with one of three unknown liquids. Then, each of us added a sprinkle of substance A to vial A, substance B to vial B, etc all the way up to D. Then, we checked on the substance and recorded it's changes after ten minutes, 48 hours and ten minutes after the 48 hour mark. We looked the substances under a microscope and were shocked at what we found.
In vial A, there wasn't much happening. In vial B, the water was just really clouded with chunks of gunky looking things. In vial C, the little orbs grew huge and they were really squishy, and easy to accidentally crumble...oops. In vial D, the little seed-looking things sprouted! In vial E, it was really wierd. When we looked at it without any magnification, it just looked like red floating sand, but when we magnified it 60x, we found out what it really was! Brine shrimp!! At first we were confused because we only saw black dots, (which we later figured out was the eggs) but after we moved the microscope to a different part of the sample, we saw the creatures! It was really interesting!
Afterwards, our teacher told us what was in the vials! Material A was red sand, material B was yeast, material C was polyacryate, also known as orbies, material D was radish seeds, and material D was the brine shrimp. We also found out what our liquid was! My groups liquid was just plain water. Then, we compared our results to other groups and they were very surprising!
One of the other liquids were salt water, but nothing was living in their vials! This wasn't very surprising for the first 4 materials, but it was really weird that the brine shrimp didn't hatch/live in this liquid because a brine shrimps natural environment in in salt water! When we compared our results to the last liquid, sugar water, it was exactly the same results as ours.
I learned that environment greatly impacts if a thing can live or not! I also learned that even if a thing looks like it's not living, it still could be, like when a seed hibernates and waits for the right environment before sprouting!

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