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Meiosis and mitosis are kind of alike ways they are alike is both of them create cells, but the difference is that mitosis makes two cells and meiosis only make four cells. Both of them pass on DNA to the cells they have made. The meiosis cells have different DNA but the mitosis made cells have the same DNA. That is differences of the two.

The steps of dividing/multipling are:
Interphase: They DNA copies each other then the cell splits
Prophase:The nucleolus starts to fades. The nucleolus then starts to meet into chromosomes.
Prometaphase: This stage is where the nucleolus envelopes break down. This stage is when the proteins are being put together and where the two daughter cells are located.
Metaphase: Tension to the spindle fibers aligns all the chromosomes in one place at the middle of the cell.
Anaphase: The spindles fibers have been shorten and the two daughter cells are being ripped apart. They later travel to the cell pole.
Telophase: The daughter get to the cell pole and the spindle fibers that ripped the daughter cells apart are gone.
Cytokinesis: The spindle fibers start to break down. Contactile ring sticks the cell in two daughter cells. Next the newly made cytoskeleton is being recognized while the microtubules will return to the interphase stage later in the cell cycle.

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