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Mr. E's class blog. We're a fifth grade class from Connecticut and are excited to share our learning with everybody. Please look around and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two. We'd love to read about you too!

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On October 15th, 2009, I had my first 4th grade field trip. The entire 4th grade went to a 150 year old place called Graue Mill . It's a mill that was once a graining process place and turned into a mill. I'm supposed to tell you about my favorite floor, so here goes. I'm going to tell you about the basement.
The basement has 2 reasons why I think it is interesting. 1 is that the basement was actually part of the Underground Railroad. I had plenty of questions. How did the slaves hide? There was no good hiding place. How did they sleep? The floor was cold, hard and bumpy. Were there any other uses other then the Underground Railroad and the gears(see next paragraph)? For that question I kinda guessed storage, but there could be other uses. Anyway, let's move on.
The second reason why the basement is so interesting is how the gears move in tempo. It is very interesting. The gears power most of the place. I wonder how they built it. That is why I thought the gears were interesting.
I liked the mill. But the basement was the best. In my opinion. A lot of other people may have other opinions, but this is mine.

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