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I just finished a really good book called Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen. Hoot is about this boy who's name is Roy. Roy moves around a lot, and has just moved from the highlands of Montana to the lowlands of Coconut Grove, Florida. There he is very unfortunately bullied by a large kid named Dana Matherson. Being bullied we all know is not fun, and has no up sides to it. But Roy would have never noticed the running boy if Dana hadn't been in the middle of squishing Roy's face up against the bus window. Therefore, since Roy's face was smashed on the window, he sees the running boy. This boy runs fast past the bus with no shoes, no backpack and no sign of stopping for the school bus. As soon as Dana releases Roy's face, he runs off the bus hoping to catch the running boy. In the middle of doing so, Roy bumps into a soccer girl named Beatrice who is trying to get on the bus as Roy tries to get off. She tells him to watch where he is going but he is running off the bus towards the running boy. He follows him through backyards and then to a golf corse. He attempts to follow the running boy all of the way but a golf ball unexpectedly hits him in the head.

Now, on the same day, there is construction site for a mother paula's pancake house. Curly, the bald construction foreman is angrily talking to a police man named officer Delinko. Curly is angry because someone has pulled his survey stakes out of the ground. He is mad and says that this is a crime of trespassing and vandalism. He yells at officer Delinko to file a report immediately. But Officer Delinko is curious. He asks Curly if maybe this is a comeback from a pancake rival. Or maybe a prank from some kids. Officer Delinko says that he isn't sure that pulling survey stakes out of the ground is a crime, but Curly is convinced.

Back to Roy. He is getting bullied by Dana Matherson more and more. But it hardly seems to bother him because he is so curious about the running boy. He wants to know what was going on and why Beatrice didn't want him to get off the bus. But he soon finds out. He is at lunch and bumps into Beatrice. Also known as Beatrice the bear. He makes an bad mistake and pulls Beatrice over to ask her if she knows the running boy. She tells him that it's not his beeswax and walks away. Roy has some suspicions about her and that she DOES know the running boy. But with Beatrice not telling him, he decides to go back to the golf corse and find out for himself. When he gets there he goes past the golf corse the the trees and finds a camp. But no boy. He stumbles upon a brown sack and when curiosity gets the best of him, he dumps the bag on the ground. He then finds that the sack holds cottonmouth moccasins, a very poisonous type of snake. These snakes are on the ground, slithering around and Roy is very afraid. Then, a voice behind him says: On the count of three, step back. Roy does not listen so the person (whoever they might be) pulls him back. This boy does not want his identity to be revealed, so he covers Roy's head with a jacket. Roy assumes that this is the running boy.

Curly is raging with fury. More pranks have been pulled and he is NOT happy about it. Crocodiles have been put in the toilets, more survey stakes have been pulled out of the ground, snakes have been put on theground and seats have been pulled off of the bulldozers. All of these odd pranks have been done for a very good reason that unfortunately, Curly does not know. They have been pulled because of owls. Tiny little owls that live in holes underground left behind from other animals. They live where the construction is about to happen. That means that the little baby owls will be buried if the construction goes as planned. And who do you think was doing all of these pranks? The running boy. Also known as Mullet Fingers, and get this, He is Beatrice the bear's STEP BROTHER!!! When Roy finds this out, he is determined to help. But how does all of this work out? Find out if you read Hoot.

I REALLY liked this book, and I REALLY recommend that you read it too!

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