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Title: Stock Market Report (05/12/10)
Description: Students worked in Language Arts class on a report for their Stock Project.

Article posted June 8, 2011 at 01:29 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 132

In my seventh grade math class we chose three stocks to follow for a few months and watch them progress or fall. My stocks were up and down but the two out of the three lost money and my last stock was the only one that made me money. The stocks I chose were, Exxon Mobil, Kodak and Hallmark. Hallmark and Kodak both lost money and Exxon made about 1,000 dollars. The stock market project was very fun and interesting because I learned many new things about stocks, and the market.

I chose to invest in Hallmark, Kodak, and Exxon Mobil because they are companies I knew about and hoped they would do well. I bought stocks in Hallmark because each stock was cheap and I could buy many shares of it. Also when I was choosing my stocks it was near the holiday season so many people would want to buy cards and gifts and Hallmark has unique items. I chose to buy stocks from Kodak because they were cheap like Hallmark and I could invest in many shares and hope to make a lot of money. I could buy many shares and not spend a large amount of money under a budget. I invested in Exxon mobile because we were just heading into winter and people constantly use their cars and need to buy gas and the gas prices were going up so I knew it was going to do well.

There are many changes I would've made in my stocks because I lost money in two of my three stocks. In Hallmark I bought it because it was cheap and hoped I would get a lot of money from it, but I lost a large amount of money instead. I did the same thing with Kodak, I bought it because it was cheap. The one stock I did really well in was Exxon, which was really expensive. If I could change what I did, I would've bought more expensive stocks. Expensive stocks mean they are popular because people want to buy them. I would have also researched my stocks better because there are many companies out there with similar names and you can easily mistake one stock for another. Overall I wish I bought more expensive, popular stocks that I knew much about.

My stock project taught me much about the stock market over the last few months. My stocks taught me that you have to research something before you put all your time and money into it. The reason for this is because the stock may be about to go down. Also the stocks always change. One day you may be making a thousand dollars, and the next day you may be in debt by a thousand dollars. Overall, the stock market is always changing and you must be on top of your stocks or you may lose money and be in financial trouble.

Article posted June 8, 2011 at 01:29 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 132

Article posted June 1, 2011 at 10:08 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 394

Stock Market

Company Shares Price Week One Price Week 24 Total Price Week One Total Price Week 24 Gains/Losses

Apple Inc. 6 $309.00 $350.70 $1,854.00 $2,104.20 $250.20
Walmart 76 $54.00 $53.58 $4,104.00 $4,072.08 -$31.92
eBay 134 $30.04 $31.95 $4,025.36 $4,281.30 $255.94

Total: $393.04 $436.23 $9,983.36 $10,457.58 $474.22

Article posted June 1, 2011 at 10:08 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 394

Article posted May 26, 2011 at 12:36 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 133

Stock Market : Final Report

You can’t make money in the stock market without going out on a limb and investing in it. Once you put your money in, you have no control over how much you gain or lose. I find this exciting, because you could invest twenty-five cents and make twenty-five thousand dollars, or invest twenty-five thousand dollars and make twenty-five cents. The stock market is an unpredictable roller coaster ride that can bring you up, and take you down in a matter of minutes. Every Friday in Mrs. Harte’s 7th grade math class we watched and recorded the patterns of the stocks of our choice. We did not invest any real money, but it was very interesting to find out which stocks did well, and which did horribly. After twenty-four weeks of watching, I finally made up my mind about the stock market.

         Sometimes taking a risk can lead you to something good, and sometimes it can get you into a lot of trouble. In the stock market, you have to know your facts, and trust your gut about the stocks you nvest in. The stocks I chose to ‘invest’ in were McDonalds, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Nike. I picked McDonalds because I knew how popular the chain was around the world. I also realized that the cheaper, the better, and McDonalds has a pretty big dollar menu that is fast and easy. Investing in Royal Caribbean was the most exciting because I wasn’t sure how well it would do. I thought cruises would become more popular in the winter, with people trying to get away from the harsh cold weather. Nike was my favorite stock out of the three I picked. Nike is a widely popular company known all around the world.  thought that since the stock costed the most, that it would do well. I had trust in it to do well. Out of the millions of stocks in the market, choosing was definitely a hard process, but it is also one of the most important step in making, or losing money.

       I chose the stocks I did before I knew much about the market. And though I have no regrets, I could have done better by making changes in the stocks I ‘invested’ in. I didn’t exactly look for any companies that I didn’t know, and now I wish I had. Weyerhaeuser is a company that I had no idea existed until a friend of mine had made an exceeding amount of money with this stock. I would like to change from McDonalds to this stock because I would have liked to learn about a company, while still making money! Another stock I would like to change to would be from Nike to Apple. Apple is another fairly popular company that is known for it’s technology services and devices. This stock scared me away because of its high price. I would have lied to look past the price and see the fact that it was doing very well. If I had seen the historical prices, I would have invested in it and made more money than I did. I am happy with my Choice if Royal Caribbean because it made the most money, and I loved the fact I got to actually learn about a Cruise line! It was very interesting, and I was happy with the amount of money I made with this stock. Wishing you invested in a company that did better than the one you chose is always hard, but you gain

knowledge from your mistakes.

        Going into the stock market with no idea how it works is not a good idea at all. With a little advise from an expert, and a little research can make all the difference. It is quick and easy to check the historical prices, and though the stock market is unpredictable, if it has a history of horrible prices, it is probably not a good idea to choose that particular stock. It is also a good thing to know at least the basic information about your stocks before actually investing in them. Research is easy to do, but it is also easy to get false information on bad web sites. Make sure when researching that you trust the website, and know it is real facts. Investing a little at a time is a good thing to do when you are just beginning in the stock market because you can’t lose any more than you invest, and if you only invest a tiny bit, you only lose a tiny bit. You can always buy more stocks, so you don’t have to rush into it by buying all you can the first day. A little piece of advise can help you go a long way. With this stock project, I have learned many things that I would have to find out later on in life. Now I have all the information I need to invest in stocks. I believe with the knowledge I have now of the stock market that I would have a better chance at success later on in life. What I take away from this unit is the fact that you don’t control how well your stacks do, but what you can control is what you invest in, and how much you invest in it.

Article posted May 26, 2011 at 12:36 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 133

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 09:46 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 60

In the 7th grade math class we have been learning about the stock market. Since November we have been following the stock market and were asked to pick three stocks in particular to follow closely. These following paragraphs are about the certain stocks I picked.

The companies I chose for my stock market portfolio were Apple Inc, Intel Corporation, and The Hershey Company. I chose Apple because I know that they have been coming out with a whole bunch of new products and I know that it is a very popular company. I also chose Apple because I thought it would profit and I love the products they make. I decided to choose Hershey because I like Hershey products and I know they make a lot of popular products, so I figured they would probably make a lot of money. The reason I chose Intel was because their products are used in lots of electronics and I thought it would profit because when my dad had shares in Intel it made tons of money. These are all the reasons why I invested in the stocks that I did.

Now that I have researched the stocks and watched the stock market there are a few changes I would make to my portfolio. First I would have invested more in Apple since it did really well during the duration of the stock project. I would also invest more in Hershey since it also did well during the project. I would invest less or even not invest at all in Intel since it did not do particularly well but I still made some money. I think that all these changes would make my total profit more and I would have lost less.

I have a couple pieces of advice I would give to people when they invest in the stock market. One piece of advice is that not all popular companies are doing well. Intel is in lots of electronics and it did poorly during the stock project. Also you should find out if a company is doing well before invest in it because you may think something is doing really well when it isn’t. The last piece of advice I have is to know about the company. Don’t just invest in something because you like their products or you think it has a cool name. You should know what you are buying. If I had known about all of these things I think I would have made more money that is why I think they are good pieces of advice when investing in stocks.

As you can see there are many things I would change about the stocks I picked. I also had good reasons for the stocks I picked and good advice for future buyers. That is the total summary of my stock project, and the reasons I chose the stocks I did.

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 09:46 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 60

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 08:10 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 60

There were a lot of different stocks to choose from in this project. Every company you could think of. Apple, dell, staples, cruise lines, you name it, they have it. It was sort of difficult picking only three stocks, because there were so many to choose from. I didn’t have much of a reason for picking my stocks. I picked Sirius XM Radio, Amazon.com, and F5 Networks. I picked Sirius XM Radio because Ms. Harte said a student last year did really well when they had a lot of shares. I made $718.08 on Sirius Radio. I also picked Sirius Radio because I was curious to see how I would do if I invested in a smaller stock. I’m glad I choose this stock. I also invested in Amazon.com, a website you can buy things off of. I picked this website because it is a well-known website to buy books for kindles and other stuff, kind of like eBay, but Amazon was making much more money. I also profited in this stock because it was around Christmas time when we got to pick, and I had a feeling that a lot of people would be using this website to buy Christmas gifts. I have $894.88 on Amazon.com, so Amazon made the most money for me. The last stock I profited in was F5 Networks. I didn’t really have a main reason why I invested in this stock, but at the time, it was doing really well. In the end it didn’t do as well as I hoped it would have, F5 Networks made $424.20 for me. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the stocks I picked.

The good part of stocks is that your investment cans double your money if you choose wisely. The bad part is you could lose your entire investment if your stock doesn’t do well. I wasn’t sure how my stocks would do, but thankfully, they ended up doing pretty well, because I ended up not losing one dime BUT if I could make changes to my portfolio, I would probably wouldn’t have done F5 Networks because I don’t really know anything about the company so how was I supposed to know if it usually did well? I would have done something I knew was successful like Apple or something. Also, Sirius XM Radio did do pretty well, but I wish I would have bought more shares from it because then I would have made more money. I wouldn’t change anything about Amazon.com, because I made the most money and that was a smart profit. Thankfully, most of these were pretty smart investments.

When we started learning about the stock market and how it worked, I didn’t know very much about any of it. We learned a lot of new things. One of the things we learned was vocabulary for the stock market like bear, bull, loss, profit, broker, and much more which has helped me understand the stock market a little bit better when I see it in the newspaper or on the news or something. Also, when we were keeping track of our stocks, we learned how to make spreadsheets on the computer to track our losses and gains and how our stocks were doing each week. We used all different kinds of formulas and such and it was a cool experience and it was really easy and simple to do and now easy to keep track of your stocks. Another thing that interested me in the stock market was just the stocks in general. I never really knew anything about the stock market and never really cared. Most of the stocks reflect on how the business is doing and how much money they are making. I never really knew what it meant or how it worked or anything, so this project has been very helpful in teaching me new things that I never really paid attention to. I’m kind of glad I know the importance of the stock market now.

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 08:10 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 60

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 10:16 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 139

My math class started stocks in november and we picked stacks and sold them at the end so this is about it.

I picked these stocks because I herd form the 8th graders which stocks are good the said Sirius radio was good. Then I wanted to have a soda stock so I found jones soda it looked like it was doing good so in got it. Then I needed to finish off the money so I got google.

What I would change with my stocks. I would get ¾ of Sirius radio because it got me lots of money . I would get 1/8 of the jones soda stock because it did good for a bit and then went down.i would get 1/8 of google because it was doing good for a little bit and then bombed down a lot.

Some advice that I would give to another person would be. The sirius radio stock is very good it makes money and the best part its cheap. The jones soda can make money if you sell it early it is cheap everyone needs a drink and who does not like soda. Google is expensive it make little or no money don't get it.

Those are my stocks I picked and some advice for you so you can pick the stocks responsibly I hope you enjoyed it .

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 10:16 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 139

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 09:41 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 130

Stock Market Report

For the past couple of months, the seventh grade has been working with stocks. Each student picked three stocks of their choice, and monitored and kept track of how they have been doing.


I chose Apple inc., Randgold Resources , and GO INDUSTRY DOVE BID for my companies because they all seemed like trustworthy stable companies that could possibly make a lot of money for me. I chose Apple inc. because it has a good reputation, it is always coming out with new jaw dropping technologies, and is overall a top selling company that never fails. The second company I chose was Randgold Resources. I chose this company because it sells gold, and gold is usually high-selling and worth a lot of money. The third and final company that I chose was GO INDUSTRY DOVE BID. The reason why I chose this company was because when I checked the sales chart, it was going up at a steady pace.

Even though all of my companies sounded good, I still would change some things. The first thing that I would change would be that I should have bought more shares in GO INDUSTRY DOVE BID. Go INDUSTRY DOVE BID made a lot of money as it climbed the charts. The second thing I would have to change would be to buy more shares in Apple Inc. because it was a good money maker and never had any dips in the rankings. The third thing I would have to change would be to buy less stocks of Randgold Resources, it didn't really make as much money as I was hoping it would and to go with that statement, the prices lowered/dropped.

The advice that I would give to other people who are interested in investing in stock would be to always read the stock's summary. You should always make sure that you know your business. Make sure it is not a scam and understand what it is selling before you buy. You want to know what your stocks are about so you know what you're investing in. Secondly, you always want to make sure that you are checking up on your stocks daily to see how they are doing. And thirdly, make sure your company makes good money and is not a loser.

From all of this I can conclude that the seventh grade has learned much about the stock market and I, personally, am intrigued with this business of money. I am also glad that I had this opportunity to see a little but of how my nation runs.

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 09:41 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 130

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 07:35 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 94


During the past couple months I have learned a lot about stocks. Like what to invest in, how to record the money I have lost or gained, what a stock actually is, how to buy a stock, how to sell a stock, how many shares I should buy on a certain stock, what a share is, and a lot more. I feel like I’ve learned so much and am ready to buy an actual stock! I know I still have a lot more to learn about stocks, shares, and bonds, but for now I’ll settle for what I know.

                The companies I selected for my portfolio are Macy’s Inc. Nike Inc. and McDonald’s corp. The companies I have selected all have one thing in common: I know and have been to them all. The reason I picked Macy’s for one of my stocks was because I’ve been and shopped there. I’ve heard about it and I know about it. Also, I was interested on how they were doing and I thought it was going to be a good time to invest because of the holidays. The reason I picked Nike for one of my stocks was because I love Nike! I’ve been to it and all my shoes are Nike. I really wanted to know how they were doing and why they were going down, if Nike wasn’t doing well. Finally, the reason I picked McDonald’s was because I’ve eaten there and seen a lot of people eat there too. I wanted to know how popular it was, to see if the stock was going up. I also wanted to know-since all of the commercials- how they were doing.

                Now that I’ve researched my stocks and watched the stock market, here were a couple of things I would have changed about my stocks. For Macy’s: I would have invested less because during the holidays- especially Christmas- but it fell afterward. If I invested less I wouldn’t have lost so much. For Nike: I would have invested more because Nike did really well all the way. If I invested more in the stock, I would have made more money. For McDonalds: I wouldn’t have changed anything because it stayed to a steady pace. I did well with it until the end when it lost money.

                My advice to people who are interested in investing in the stock market is to invest and choose wisely. My advice for Macy’s is that I wouldn’t buy it if you think it would be high on a holiday. If I heard this advice before I wouldn’t have chosen Macy’s, because I did invest in this stock for that reason. My advice for Nike is to view all your options. I give this advice because, for me, I didn’t view all my options such as the graph on how the stock has done during the month. It would have given me a chance to see if I wanted to invest in this and how much I would have wanted to invested in it. My advice for McDonald’s is that I wouldn’t have done it. Although I wouldn’t have changed anything I did, it was just nerve wrecking when the stock just kept going down.

                I’ve had a fun time doing this Stock Market Project and I would definitely remember it if I was ever going to buy a stock in real life. I think this was a good experience and a stressful one at that as well. It was fun to see how much your stock has gain, but the total opposite to see how much your stock has lost. For me, I know I could have done better, but it was a fun time.

Article posted May 25, 2011 at 07:35 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 94

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 07:45 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 86

Final Stock Project Report

Annie Fitzpatrick



            Investing in stocks is a great way to make money if you are a smart investor. You have to do plenty of research to choose the right stocks. This year in math class we had to do a project on stocks. We pretended that we had invested in three stocks and then tracked them every week. Every Friday we got our computers out and went to www.yahoofinance.com

 to check Thursday's last trade. After 24 weeks we made a final project on this unit. This essay will explain to you the three stocks I invested in and how they did. The three companies that I invested in were Hershey’s, Nike and Disney. Over all these three companies did relatively well apart from Nike, which went down 2.13 dollars. Hershey’s went up the most. I made 654 dollars with this company. Walt Disney went up almost 5 dollars and I made 401.60 dollars with this company.

             There isn’t a lot that I would change about my stocks but there are a few things I would have done differently. I would have sold Nike sooner if I could have because it went up and then dropped dramatically. I would have bought more of Hershey’s and less of Disney because this stock did better than Disney. I made almost 1000 dollars so over all I am pretty happy with my stocks

            I learned a lot during this project. I really didn’t know anything thing about stocks and investing before. If I had to give advice to other people investing in stocks I would say make sure you don’t lose you stock portfolio and keep track of your gains and losses like we did. Our spreadsheets were very helpful because we formatted them to calculate our gains and losses each week. I would also say to invest in stocks that are going up and sell them at their peek.

This project started in November and ended in May. On average during that time I made money with Nike, Disney, and Hershey’s. If I were to do this again I would Sell Nike earlier but we weren’t allowed to. With Hershey’s I made money. I think this is because we had this project during Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter when people buy a lot of chocolate. Nike went down but I don’t know why and Disney went up because we had this project during February and April Vacation when people go to Disney World. Over all I enjoyed doing this project and tracking my Stocks.

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 07:45 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 86

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 01:56 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 76

Stock Market Project Essay

Have you ever heard someone talking about investing or how the stock market is doing, and not know what they were talking about? In this stock market report I will hopefully help clear up some of your confusion. The stock market can be very confusing, but you can figure it out rather quickly, I learned about the stock market in less than a week My report will tell you about companies I invested in, and give you advice when investing

In math class we did a project on the stock market and investing. For the project we had to pretend to invest in 3 stocks with a limit of spending 10000 dollars and kept track of how the stock did over the course of 24 weeks. The three companies I chose were Nike, Weyerhauser Company, and Hydrogenics Corporation. I chose to invest in Nike because I like sports, it is one of, if not, the most popular sports companies throughout the world, I also know that over the years Nike has been a very successful company. Weyerhauser was a company I came across while I was doing research; I decided to invest in it because it is a lumber export company. There has been a need for lumber and building supplies throughout the world, especially now with all of the natural disasters in places like Haiti and Japan. Hydrogenics Corporation is a company that manufactures hydrogen generation products. The reason I invested in this company was because it is a renewable energy resource, and with the rising price of gas and pollution issues there is a lot of people interested in renewable energy. So, as you can see I had a reason to invest in each company, as you should in real world investing.

If I could do this project again I would change some things, but keep others the same. One thing I would have liked to have done is not invest in Nike. Nike is a great company, but just because you like something or know what the company is doesn’t mean you should invest in it. That is not always the case, but if I were to do this again I wouldn’t invest in Nike. Next time I do something like this I would definitely do more research on companies because in a couple cases I had no Idea what the company was or what it did. For example, at first I thought Hydrogenics Corporation was a hydroelectric power company, I thought they used water turbines and dams, but then I did some research and found I out I had guessed wrong. Another thing I wouldn’t do next time around is invest in expensive companies, but rather invest in what they call “penny stocks”. If you find a company where 1 share is around one dollar you could buy 1000 shares for 1000 dollars, but if you were to invest that same amount of money in a stock the was 100 dollars per share then you could only buy 10 shares for the same amount of money. I guess I would change more of the things I did than keep them the same.

This project was fun and an eye opening experience and it has taught me a lot about investing, so here is the advice I would give you if you were to do something like this. First, you should look at the history of the company, how has it done in the past, when has it done well, when has it done bad, etc. Second, visit financial websites to research a stock you are interested in, this will help you get an idea of what the company does. Lastly, try to find a good “penny stock” to invest in, it is good to be able to buy a large amount of shares for a cheap price. That is all the advice I have for you, so good luck in the stock market.

So, as you have read the stock market can be a risky business, if you play the cards right you can make a large profit, or the market can crash and you can lose a lot of money. Hopefully my advice will help you make money and not lose money. It is probably not the best idea to invest in the companies I did, but maybe they will give you ideas of other companies to invest in. good luck in the stock market!

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 01:56 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 76

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 09:41 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 137

Over the past six months our seventh grade had been practicing our math skills in while studying the stock market. We have had a weekly process of checking our stocks and updating our spread sheets to see our gains and losses from the time when we first invested “$10,000” into three or four stocks of our choice. Here is some information about my stock project and the stocks I chose.

The companies that I selected to invest in were Ford Motors, Cisco Systems, Hennes & Mauritz and Sandridge Energy; I chose these companies for many reasons but mainly because they were either recommended or familiar to me. I invested in Cisco Systems because it was recommended, I had never heard of it and was intrigued, and it also had a good price to by at and its graph looked like it was heading up. I invested in Ford Motors fro many similar reasons, it was recommended, it had a good price and out of companies that were recommended I was familiar with it. I invested in Sandridge Energy because it was highly recommended, it was also a company I had never heard of, it had a very low cost to buy at and the graph was heading up at a constant rate. Lastly I invested in Hennes & Mauritz because it is a Swedish company and the Swedish economy is doing well currently, it was recommended, I was familiar with the company and I myself am a consumer of it. As you can see I had many good reasons to invest in the companies I chose.

Although I made money overall there are still many things I would have changed in my investing. Firstly I would have invested more money into Sandridge Energy because I made a large profit off that stock and it was constantly going up. Next I would have not invested in Cisco Systems because I lost quite a bit in it and it almost constantly went down. I would have not invested in Ford Motors because I also lost a lot of money off of it and its prices were always changing going up and down. Even though there are many changes I would have made I am still very pleased with my overall profit.

If I was giving somebody advice before they invested I would tell them to really look into your stocks. One thing to do is to look at the graph for the past year. When you look at the graph you can see the patterns of the stock and where it is predicted to head, which is good for knowing the final profit of your stock. Also looking at the 52-week range is a smart idea because it shows the range and you can see if it is constantly changing or just staying within a small range. Lastly reading the business summary is helpful so that you get to know the company and what type of business it is to see if that industry is currently doing well. Looking into your stocks is very important to do before investing and is a smart decision.

Overall in this project I have learned a lot. Not only about the stock market but also how to use a spread sheet and many more things. I think it is very important to know about the stock market. When you are older or even a couple of years from now and you decide to invest in a stock you will know how to make your decisions and what stocks to invest in.

Article posted May 24, 2011 at 09:41 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 137

Article posted May 23, 2011 at 07:30 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 83

In Math Class we learned about the stock market. For my stock market project I picked Bottomline, Chase, and Radio One. My companies did pretty well and that improvement will be shown below. In this essay I will be talking about these companies in two paragraphs. In the last paragraph I will be talking about the advice and strategy you should use while investing in stocks.

The companies I selected for my portfolio were Bottomline, Chase, and Radio One. I chose Bottomline because it’s a stable company. Other reasons that I chose Bottomline were because the stock wasn’t that pricy, my father works there and owns stocks from Bottomline, and it’s in the local area. One of the other companies I invested in was JP Morgan Chase. The main reason I chose Chase was because it’s a famous corporation, making it popular. I also chose Chase because it had a good reputation and it is known for its popular credit card. The last company I invested in was Radio One. I bought this stock because I was looking for a penny stock. The other reason I bought it was because I was aiming to buy a lot of stocks for a little price. I think I made good choices about investing in these companies.

My stocks did very well and I made a lot of money from them. The only thing I would change would be to buy more stocks from Radio One. This stock I made the most out of all of them so if I bought more shares than I would of made more money. For Bottomline and JP Morgan Chase I would change nothing because these shares were more expensive than Radio One. I wouldn’t buy any more or less shares than I already did, from Bottomline and Chase. Overall I think that my stocks did very well, and they made me a lot of money, 7,085 $.

Here are some strategies and advice, about investing in stocks. One strategy that you could use is to look into the company’s reputation in stocks. You want to see if they have improved in their stocks, also to see what time of the day is best to invest, and are their stock prices not steady. For example, if the stocks you are interested in, are going high, and then low in one day. More advice is to find out what the company is all about. You want to see if the product is interesting people and if the product is popular. What kind product do they sell and does it sell to the public. The last piece of advice you should know before investing in stocks is to find out about the reputation of the business. You want to see if it is doing well or not so well. Like if they are starting out as a new business or are going out of business, also if they are in a bad location or a good location. When investing in stocks, it might be helpful to use these strategies.

From November to May I learned about stocks and invested in stocks. My stocks were Bottomline, Chase, and Radio One. I would have invested more in Radio One because it gained me the most money. Overall I think my investing and my project went pretty well. With my little experience, in stocks, I think I did really well and I learned a lot from this project, for the future.

Article posted May 23, 2011 at 07:30 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 83

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When you think about stocks and the stock market it comes across as boring and an unengaging topic of the business world. The stock market is actually the complete opposite. It's an exciting place where people gamble with luck as well as skill on growing and prospering companies. I have invested in a few stocks, Yamana Gold, Silver Wheaton and Penney Company during an experiment with the lively and ever changing stock market.

            I decided to invest in Yamana Gold, Silver Wheaton Company and J.C Penney because I believed they would show the most results and profit throughout the stock market unit. Yamana Gold is a well known mining, extracting and gold processor. I decided to invest over two hundred shares in this stock because it was at a low point and I believed that the gold market was going to increase. I observed that the gold market or gold company market fluctuates frequently from the stocks charts. Since the company I was interested in was in a low I knew it had to increase at some point. My dad recommended I invest in a silver company stock because the silver market was picking up. I invested in this stock as it was increasing. I chose Silver Wheaton Company because the stock had been increasing steadily over the past weeks so I thought it would be a solid long-term stock. I invested in J.C. Penney because the department stores are known to gain money in their stocks over the Holidays and on spring sales. Also this market doesn't fluctuate as much as the other mineral companies and it provides balance in my stocks. I felt that these companies would produce a large profit over the twenty-four weeks I owned them.

            After completing this project I would've invested a little differently, if I could do it all over again I would've changed where I invested my money and when I invested. First, I would've changed how much and when I invested. It's very important to invest when a company is having a low. The problem is not all of my companies had a low at the same time. When the market is falling it’s called a bear market. When the market is rising it’s called a bull market. The best time to buy is when the market looks like it’s going from a bear market to a bull market. If I had bought my stocks in between this change I would have made a greater profit. The second thing I would change would be to invest less in two of my stocks and more in one of them. I would invest less in Yamana Gold because it was a steady stock but it didn’t get me as large profit that I though it would’ve. I also would’ve invested less in J.C. Penney because this stock didn’t always profit, it had a few weeks of loss. I would’ve liked to invest more in Silver Wheaton because it made me the greatest profit out of all my stocks. This stock was a risk because I know it could’ve profited or lost my money, but I knew it would rise and profit. If I had taken more of a chance on it I could’ve made a lot more money. I’m glad I had the chance to experiment with stocks, but after doing this experiment there are some things I would’ve done a lot differently.

            I would tell future investors to research the stocks their interested in, as well stocks that have a reason for profit. Researching stocks is the most important part of investing. It’s important to look at how the stocks have done over the last weeks and think about how they will do over the weeks that you will own them. You may think a stock is good just by the profit their makings currently, if that’s true, don’t invest in it when it’s having a peak. You will see more results when the stock is bought at a low rather than a high. It’s also important to use your best judgment. Even if you just found your favorite clothing or toy brand, you still have to check if the stock has done well lately and if it’s well known. If an inexpensive stock is predicted to make a lot of money you may want to invest in it. You may be in for the best profits. It’s important to learn what others have to say, but when it comes down to your money follow your instincts.

            I hope my experience has taught you about the stock market. That even though it seems to be a place in some big city that only business men work in, you can be a part of it too. The stock market and the thousands of stocks in it are always open for you to invest in if you’d like. Yamana Gold, Silver Wheaton and Penney Company were great choices for me I hope you can be just as fortunate with stocks as I was. Always remember, the stock market is a roller coaster, you’re just along for the ride.

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Overall I felt good about the stock project we did this year but here are a few questions and their answers we were asked in our final report. Here are the questions, why did we choose these companies, is there anything you would have changed, and what are some good strategies and advice you would give to people doing this in the future. Here are my answers.

American Eagle Outfitters was my worst stock but with the number of shares I bought of it I did okay. I probably wouldn't have changed anything about my American Eagle Outfitters stock. I picked American Eagle Outfitters for three reasons I like the store, when I checked the stocks they were cheap but rising in price and lastly they are a very popular store in apparel so I thought that they may do well.

Kelloggs Co. was my best company they rise very quickly so I definitely wouldn't do anything different. I picked Kellogg's Co. because first of all they were doing well, next I didn't think many people would do it so I'd be one of a kind and last for some reason while we were picking our stocks I was thinking about cereal.

Starbucks Co. was my second to best stock so I wouldn't have done anything different to that either. I chose Starbucks Co because first I love the cafe, last they're a big company so I thought they would do well.

Some advice I would give out to other people doing stocks in the future is that always check the top stocks because you will probably do well on them. Next, if you can't think of anything to do choose companies you like. Last, sometimes cheap stocks do really well after you buy them so check the graphs and then buy them if they are actually doing well.

This stock project was very successful and I'm glad I did it. I learned about stocks and spreadsheets. The stocks I chose did well and I'm glad I chose them. Learning about spreadsheets was very helpful and learning about it was something that I'll remember forever.

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Stock Market Final Report



In the wild world of stocks, there are many ups and downs. I learned about the Bear and Bull market. I now know what a stock Broker. I was educated about NYSE, NASDAQ, and DJIA. I learned that Wall street is where stock exchange and major banks are situated.


For my stock project I chose Caterpillar, AT&T, and Hennes & Mauritz. The stock that did the best out of the stocks I invested in was Caterpillar. I picked it because I know what it does and I was familiar with the company. I also looked at the graph that showed the prices in the last year, and it seemed like it was going up. I also chose AT&T because it is my family's phone company, so that means that I know about it. They also made a better version of the iPhone which was already the most common phone. I didn't know anything about Hennes & Maritza, but my friends dad works with stocks and said it would do well in the future. My stock market project did pretty well for me.


Now that I've watched the stock market I would make a few changes. I would change my Hennes & Mauritz stock to Netflix. I now know that Netflix has done very well and Hennes & Mauritz didn't do nearly as well as Netflix. I also would change my AT&T stock to Apple. I found out that apple has done tremendous in the stock market, unlike AT&T. I definitely wouldn't change my Caterpillar stock because I made over 1,000 dollars alone in this stock. But I might have had more shares in Caterpillar. Other than those changes I would keep my stocks just how it is.


The advice that I would give to someone that was interested in stocks would help them in making money. The first thing they should do in investing in stocks is to know the company. They should know the company so that they have a good idea what they do and if they do well in making money. You also should do research on the stock. You should look at the graphs that shows how it's done in the past. This advice would help you in making money in the stock market.


This stock project was helpful in learning about stocks. I had had good reasons to buy those certain stock. I'm happy I invested in Caterpillar, AT&T, and Hennes & Mauritz. They all made money but some more than others. This stock project has been extremely educational and will help me if I ever invest for real in the stock market.

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I invested for the first time in the stock market. I had my grandfather's help in the choices, but they each turned into their own paths. It was a math project that lasted for 24 weeks. Over this course of time, I tracked these stocks, wrote about them, and even did a spreadsheet to track my gains/losses! Interestingly enough, the stock market roller coaster went up and down for me, and I got the pleasure and experience of tracking and watching them. The stocks I am about to tell you about each have their own stories, as you will see. Beware.

I invested in HKN, Foster Wheeler, and Corning for multiple specific reasons. First of all, since this was my first stock experience, I didn't know where to start. So I asked my grandfather, who is a retired math teacher, for advice on what to invest in. I didn't know these companies very well, if at all. But my grandfather gave me good reason to believe they would thrive: they were not very big. Humongous companies have a hard time growing big margins for the stocks because the stock number is already so big that only the big deals and money booms count, and are really noticeable. It only takes a little to budge small stocks. Plus, if you spend the same amount of money on a smaller stock, and i is why I invested in these stocks.

I would make many changes to my investments if I could. My number one change would undoubtedly be to change my stock of HKN to something less. . . devastating of a stock. I lost over $800 on it, as you can see from my spreadsheet. I almost lost a lot money because of it! Since it was very cheap, I bought 997 shares of it. But it went into a bear market as SOON as I bought. Ever since then, it's been hovering around $3 per share. I'd change it to some other stock. Also, I would have changed the number of stocks that I put into Foster Wheeler. I would have raised it so much because it was such a big money maker! I only put 89 shares into it, and it still made over $700! Lastly, I'd change the stock Corning. I know it did make me some money, but not too much. I would have chosen a much more successful stock. Maybe even Apple, it went up a bunch! These are the changes that I would have made to my stocks if I could.

There are a lot of pieces of advice that I would give to people who are interested in investing in the stock market. This may sound cliché, but you have to be CAUTIOUS. Spend hours pouring over information about each stock you are considering investing in. Past profits and losses, future projections from critics, etc. Is your stock going to go bankrupt? Are they about to be bought by another company? Find these things out before you make your move. The next thing I tell those potential investors: Know your stocks. Make sure that you understand what the company sells, or which industries it's involved in. For example, if your going to invest in Apple, but you have no clue what it sells, how do you know that it's not a jewelry company about to crash? Know these things. Lastly, keep up with the news. For example, if the market's about to crash, withdraw your stocks immediately. Pieces of advice like this can really help someone who's new to the stock market out a lot.

The stock market, overall, was a fun, successful experience. And yes, in case you're wondering, I almost did shed a few tears over this :)! Even though I made only a little over $250, it was still good to learn how the stock market worked. Also, I can give people advice, as well as tell them that I am not a total novice to it. Now if only I really DID earn money from this!

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I chose Starbucks, Apple, and Netflix. I decided to invest in these stocks because they all had new products out which would increase their popularity with consumers which would help the stock rise. I also chose these stocks because of their previous sales record which convinced me that I had a good chance of earning money.

I chose these stocks because of the the information I found through research. I chose Starbucks because we bought the stocks in the winter which is when Starbucks' stocks always rise. They also started selling a new coffee that was becoming very popular. I chose Apple because they started selling the iPad and new laptops. They also had just started their business relationship with Verizon which now carries the iPhone as well as AT&T. I chose Netflix because they just introduced a new initiative to be able to subscribe to Netflix and get movies directly from your TV. They have also become a more reliable company and have gained more costumers. These are some reasons why I chose these stocks.

I would not make many changes to my stock choices. There are only two things: buy more shares and change apple to caterpillar. I would buy more shares in the stocks I gained a lot of money from so I would get more. I would change Apple to Caterpillar because Caterpillar was a cheaper stock and gained much more money than Apple. Besides these changes, I would keep my stock the same way it is now.

The best advice I can give is to use a spreadsheet, get well known stocks, and do research before you buy. Spreadsheets are very useful because they do all the math for you. They are reliable and very efficient. Get well known you know and trust because they are much easier to research and find. Most importantly, do research to check how the stocks have done on the last year or so and use that information to estimate how the stock will so in the future. See if there are good reasons to buy the stock and expect to gain money.

I took all this in consideration when I bought my stocks. I decided to invest in these stocks because they all had new products out which would increased their popularity. In all,, I gained over $2,600 when this project was over.

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Stock Market Essay


The stock market it a confusing, risky, exciting place. Luck, skill, and strategy are all great ways to succeed in this risky business. This essay will give you the advice from previous experience that you need to be able to achieve success.


The companies I selected were F5 Networks, SPDR Gold Shares, and Apple, and I chose them for many different reasons. I picked F5 Networks because my dad works for that company. When I bought the stock, it was doing very well at the time. F5 helps technology run faster, and I hate slow electronics, so I decided to invest in it. I decided to invest in SPDR Gold Shares because I needed one more company to invest in, and this one looked very consistent. Though I didn't know much about this company, when I looked at the yearly graph, it averaged very well, and didn't look risky, so I decided to invest in it. I bought Apple because I have Apple computers, phones, and other electronics at my house, and I think they work very well. Apple is a fairly new company, but I think it's popularity was starting to grow, so it would have higher sales. For each of the companies, the reasons I invested in them differed completely.


Now that I've watched my stocks rise and fall, I have a few changes that I would make to my strategy. One thing I would’ve done is sell my stocks earlier. When I bought my stocks, they were all at a fairly low price for their average. Around January, they all shot up extremely high, which brought me in a huge profit. If I had the choice, I would’ve definitely sold them earlier because after January, all of my stocks dropped considerably. Another thing I would’ve done differently is buy less shares of one company. If I could go back in time, I would’ve evened out all my shares. I ended up investing a large part of my money in one company, which didn't end up helping me. Some of the companies I invested less in did better, so my total amount of money was much less than what it could have been. The last thing I would've done was take more time to select my stocks. As we didn't have much time to choose one, I chose some of them rather quickly, instead of taking the time I should have to look at them more closely. If I had of done this, maybe my choices would have been better supporting of my financial state.


Seeing how the stock market works for a good amount of time now, there are a few things I would recommend, and a few tips I have on how it works. Something I would recommend doing is evening out your shares. This way, if one of your stocks fails to please you, you don't have all of your money riding on that one stock. It is also a good idea to have a variety of companies to invest in. For example, if you invest in all seafood companies and suddenly all of the ocean life dies, you have a problem. If you have a broad horizon of companies, if one type of product isn't selling for some reason, you don't have to worry as much. The last thing I would recommend doing is to research your stocks. Before you buy a company, research it's history and recent stock patterns. This way, you have a fairly good idea on what your putting your money into.


Hopefully, as you read this, you've begun to understand how difficult and deceiving the stock market can really be. Now that you have an idea how this topsy – turvy thing works, you can begin your own adventure into the stock market. Remember, though tips and strategy can help you suceed, you never really know how well a stock is going to do, so good luck with taking the risk that many regret, and some consider the greatest decision of their life.


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Stock market

In math class 6 months ago we picked 3 stocks and recorded the price of them every week. In this essay I will talk about why I selected my 3 companies (Gm, BP, and Comcast). I will also talk about what changes I would have made or, why I wouldn’t have made any changes. The last thing I will talk about is advice and what advice I would give you when you invest in stocks.

I selected the companies BP, Com cast, and General Motors. The reason I selected these companies is because they were really low when I bought them, and had a lot of room to go up. Now, to go into more detail for GM (General Motors). For one, they had just come out of bankruptcy, and it cost 33 dollars. I knew it could go all the way up to 40 Dollars. For BP, there is only one reason, because of the oil spill, they had a lot more to improve. For comcast, I did not know what to invest in ,so my friend told me that comcast was going to do really well. So I invested in them.

Now for what I would have done differently, and there is not much I would have done differently. But for GM and BP I would have changed the same thing. I would have kept them longer. I would have done that, because you cant make much money off of stocks in 6 months .You need to keep them a lot longer. For Comcast, I would have sold them earlier because comcast was doing really well. I wanted to sell them, but I couldn't so, then comcast went down and did really bad. So thats why I would have sold earlier.

Now for some advice in buying stocks. My advice is buy low, sell high. The reason for this is because if you buy when its high there, is no room for improvement. But if you buy, low the company can improve, a lot and then when it's really high, you sell the stock, because it cant go much higher. Another thing is don’t invest in the big companies. For example, Google, apple,etc. This is because they are already so high in price that they cant go much higher so they have a good chance of going down. This is why you invest in the small name companies. Thats my advice, hope it helped.

So now you have read about why I choose the companies BP,GM, and Comcast. Made you will invest in those companies now. You also read why I would have changed or what I wouldn’t have changed. The last thing you just read my advice I hope you follow that advice because it works.

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Have you ever wondered about how the stock market works? Well, in these next few paragraphs I will be telling you about all the little secrets of the stock market. Over the last few months, I have been examining the stock market and have become an expert on it. I will also tell you about how to choose the right stocks that will make you the most money. Now I am about to tell you from my own experience, how to become a stock market expert.


These are the companies that I chose for my portfolio and why I chose them. The first company that I chose is Home Depot. I chose this company because it is a nation company and it has struggled in the past so it was time for it to bounce back. The second company that I chose is Walt Disney. I chose this company because it is a world-wide tourist attraction, it makes billions of dollars a year, and it always has business year-round. The last company that I chose was United States Natural Gas. I chose this company because the shares were cheap and the profit was increasing. These are the companies that I chose and why I chose them.


This is what I would have changed in my investment if I had a second chance at this. I would want to find out more about the companies, what they do, what their history is, etc. I would also like to find out how and when the company became public. Another thing that I would change is to get more shares in the company that I trust the most. Once I found out more about the company, I would choose the company I trusted most and use most of my money their. I wouldn't get as many shares on the “wild-card” company. The last thing I would change is selling my stops at the right time. If my stocks were rising, once I thought that the profit was at the highest peak, I would sell my stocks to get the most money possible. These are the changes I would make if I got a second chance.


This is the advice that I would give to people who are investing in the stock market. My first advice would be to learn about your companies. Find some back-round information about the company and make sure you are 100% sure that you trust that this company will make you money. The second piece of advice that I would give to people is to manage your stocks. Make sure that you are checking in on your stocks frequently so you can stay updated on what is happening. Putting it on a spreadsheet would help keep all your information organized. The last advice that I would give to people is to sell your stocks at appropriate time. This way you will make the most money possible and you will be very happy about your decisions.


In the last few paragraphs I told you about all of the little secrets of becoming a stock market expert. I gave you advice on how to choose the right stocks, how to know whether you can trust your stock or not, and when to sell your stock so you can make the most money possible. I have already gone through this whole process so I feel that I gave plenty of information about the stock market. This is my reflection on my stock project and I hope that I helped you become more knowledgeable about the stock market.

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Stock Market Report

This year the students in my grade had to pick 3 stocks that they would like to invest in. The three stocks I picked are Macy's, Bank of America, and Aeropostale. There are things I would and wouldn't change investing in these stocks. Here are the reasons why.

There are 3 companies I picked for my stock market project, Aeropostale, Macy's, and Bank of America. I picked Aeropostale because it is a well known clothing store, I like the close and I shop there, and it is in most the malls across America. I chose Macy's because it is also is a popular and there are many Macy's in big city's. It has all different kinds of close styles for all different types of customers. Macy's also sells home supplies. My last company that I picked for stock exchange is Bank of America. I picked this back because it brings in lots of money from the customers. This bank is also as popular as the other places a picked. My last reason I picked Bank of America is because my parents go to that bank, and I have gotten good reviews from it.

There are many things I would change, and keep the same in the stock market exchange project. I would change my mind about picking Aeropostale for a stock sell. I would change it to another store that sells the same thing but a more popular clothing store. I would have changed it to a store that sells a different style of clothing. I would also change this stock for another clothing store that sold things at higher prices, that way they could go on more sales and more people would want to buy from there. I wouldn't change Macy's. I think that Macy's made a good amount of money, I do not regret picking Macy's. I would also keep Macy's in my stock exchange because it is in many good locations, it is popular and it makes good money! I would most definetley change the fact that I chose Bank of America. It is not a very common bank, in which case it doesn't bring in a lot of money. I also lost money from buying this bank.

I learned many things about stock market in the last 4 months, I made good and bad decisions, here is some advice about stock market! One thing that I would have done if I got to start over, I would buy more stocks. Because buying more stocks can get you more money, depending on the company. I would also make sure that it is a company that you like, or have interest in. That way it doesn't get boring when you are doing research. One more piece of advice is to pick a well known store. You should pick a popular store because, the better the store is at selling things, the more money that company will make!

As you can see there are many things I learned about stock marketing. This is a project I wish I could continue with. My favorite part of this was learning more about how to spend money.

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In math class, we were given ten thousand dollars to invest into stocks. We could only choose stocks from the NYSE or NASDAQ. Many of my friends picked familiar stocks such as Apple, Wal-Mart, and Google. That is exactly why I chose different stocks than everyone else. The stocks that I invested in were Amazon.com, Southern Copper, and Hallmark. In the following paragraphs, you will learn about why I picked those stocks, what I would have done differently to them, and advice that I would give to people about buying stocks.


The companies that I invested in were Amazon.com, Southern Copper, and Hallmark. I picked these stocks mostly because my dad had invested in all of them and told me that they were all rising. I picked the stock Hallmark because it was on the bullish list, which meant it was predicted to rise dramatically. I also picked Amazon because I thought ahead for the holidays, which meant that a lot of things were going to be sold. These are the reasons why I invested in these companies


Every stock was different, so I would change different things to the different stocks. For the stock Amazon, I could have invested more into this stock because it rose $40 from its original price. For the stock Southern Copper, I would keep it the same because it was rising but kept losing prices as well. I should of invested less in the Hallmark stock because it went down two dollars. These are the changes that could of been made.


The advice that I would give to people who are about to buy stocks are listen to the bullish are bearish reports, think about upcoming holidays, and penny stocks. You would want to listen to bullish and bearish reports because they are almost always right. Upcoming holidays are big times for businesses with selling products, so try and buy them when Christmas or Easter is near. The last one is never buy penny stocks because more than likely they will never raise in price. This is the advice that I would give to the people who are about to buy stocks.


Now that I know all this information, I will know what to invest in if I ever were to invest in a stock. The information for bullish and bearish stocks are very important to know, and holidays are a great way to gain money from a stock. I feel that I know a lot more than I did before about stocks, actually I never knew about stocks. This project has taught me a lot about this subject. I hope that in the future this project will be something very useful in life.

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We have just finished the stock market project in were we fake bought and sold stocks. We did this project in math class. This project we had 10,000 to invest in 3 stocks any way we want. Ow sences the project is done I see that I could have done some things differently. By the end I say that I learned all about the stock market and how to make good investments.

I bought three totally different stock and made around one thousand dollars. The first one was SMED witch is short for Sharps Compliance Crop. In this stock I saw it was very bearish witch means it is going up. Also the 52 week range at the time was very good it was 4-11 dollars witch is great Then another stock I bought was BAC witch is short for Bank of America. This stock was also a bullish stock. I also went on historical prices it was a t a very low price compared to what it had been in the past. Lastly I bought stocks or DIS witch is short for Walt Disney company. This was the same as the other companies but it is also a world wide company that is very well known.

As we went on the through out the unit I saw one thing I would want to have got and I also saw I should have bought more of certain things. I think I would want to buy a stock in gas because the prices skyrocketed scenes all the corruption in Egypt a major oil supplier and also then in Libya another major oil supplier. I would have sold by BAC stocks and bought more DIS because DIS was staying the same but it was going up a little and BAC was up 3 dollar form when I bought it if did do that I would have made so much money in Walt Disney stock. I would have also invested in more SMED because the stock price was really low and it was rising in price.

As the unit came to a close I learned so much about investing and what to look at when investing. I saw if you look at the bear and bull. So if the stock was bull the price is going up so you should but it then before it becomes to pricey. If it is bear the price of the stock is going down so you should wait till the price is really cheap. Also looking at the 52 week rage witch tells you if the stock s is going way up if its like a 4-11 that means it could go up really high if the rage is small like 5-5.5 probably that is saying it isn't doing to well. Then there the historical prices so when buying you can see if it is at a very high price compared to the past and it probably wont go up that much any time soon. I think this unit in math was really fun and it was very investing and learning of stocks and how to choose the right stack and see if they are going to make you ton of money.

Once this project was done the one one thing I was very happy about is that I only ganged money instead of losing it witch is a great thing. I really think this was a great and very fun to do it is also very easy to do you could do it at your house if you want. Overall this was a very good project.

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Final Stock Report


Thanks to the investments in the stock market we have done in school, I have learned a lot about the stock market. This information is critical to be successful in life, and is very useful if you know what you are doing. If you do not do some research before investing though, you may cost yourself a lot of money.

You must be incredibly careful when picking stocks, and you must know how they work. When I made my investments, I tried to make careful choices on what stocks to invest in and make sure I can know whether the stock is a bull, or a bear (going up or down). I made investments in three stocks: Apple, Google, and Nike. I invested in Apple because the share value was high, I could see and predict patterns in the rise and falls in the price, it was releasing new popular products soon, and because the company had high product quality. I invested in Google mainly because it had a high share value, and it is probably the most used search engine in the world. I invested in Nike because they are a popular brand of running shoes and because the shares were cheap and I was almost out of spending money. These were the stocks I would be investing in for a couple months.

After further observation of the market, there are some changes I would make to my investment decisions. If I were to change my stock decisions, I would not invest in Google or Nike. Google was a unpredictable and incredibly expensive stock, and in the end, cost me a lot of money. Nike was also hard to predict, and any rises in price were not rewarding enough to make up for recent drops. Instead of investing in these stocks, I would invest even more in Apple. Apple was a predictable and well priced stock that has been rising in price over the past couple years. Since its products are of high quality, it could be expected to do well.

It is crucial to know how a stock works and when value may go up or down. When you have invested in a stock, watch the news. Certain events may affect the price of your stock (for instance, a new product release, problems at a manufacturing plant, etc.). Also, be sure you know how your stock works. Look for patterns in rises and drops and try to predict good times to sell or buy. Remember not to take large risks if they are worth the risk and if there is a good chance of rewards. Jumping headfirst into a risk may cost you lots of money, and a risk that is much more dangerous than it is rewarding is probably not worth it.

Now knowing all of this information, I feel confident with investing in stocks in the future. This was a very important lesson, and I am sure this will pay off someday.

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 For my math project, I invested in four stocks. These stocks were Google, Apple, Aeropostale and Abercrombie and Fitch. I decided to invest in these companies for a varitety of reasons. I picked Google because I knew that a lot of people use it and that it was usually a very successful stock. The reason that I picked Apple was that I knew that it was a popular company and that it made a lot of money. For Aeropostale, I heard that it was a good stock to invest in and for Abercrombie and Fitch, I thought it was in the same type of company as Aeropostale so, I decided to invest in that too and see how it turned out. Some were more successful than others but, I still made some money on them.


Now that I've seen the successful and not so successful stocks, I wish that I had changed some of the things I had invested in. I wish that I hadn't bought Google because it went way down since I bought it. I also wish that I hadn't bought so many shares of Aeropostale because that went down too. Instead of buying Google, I wish that I bought more shares of Apple because I originally bought 11 shares of it and earned $733.59.

There are many strategies to earn a lot of money in the stock market. Some good advice is that the sometimes cheaper stocks can earn you a lot of money, especially if you buy a lot of shares from them. For example, if you buy 1000 shares of a stock and it goes up 1 cent and you sell all your shares, you earn $10. Also, sometimes the more expensive stocks earn a lot of money. Apple was an expensive stock but, I made a lot of money from it. This was a very fun and interesting project!

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I chose three companies that I thought were going to be very good companies that I could invest in and that would make a lot of really good money. The reason I picked Sirius Radio is because lots of people listen to Sirius Radio and it was the cheapest stock I could find too. I also picked American Express Company because a lot of people have their credit card. The last stock I invested in was Yahoo! Inc. because a lot of people use it for a search engineer and a lot of people use it for an E-mail address.

Their were also lots of changes that I would have made to my profile that I invested in. I would have bought more Sirius Radio because it had made me the most money than any of my other stocks. I also would have bought less Yahoo! Inc. because it had lost me the most money at of all my stocks. Also, instead of buying American Express Company, I would have bought Pier 1 because it had made a lot of money over the Christmas time.

There are a lot of things you would have to know if you were going to invest in the stock market today. First, someone would have to explain the market and how it works like Wall street, Main street, and the Bear and Bull markets. After that, you would have to know about the profits and losses. Profit is when you make money and loss is when you loose money. Simple right?

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The company stocks I picked in my math class were Wal-Mart, Apple, and Sears Holding Company. I picked Wal-Mart because the stores are all over the place. They're convenient to most people and a lot of people take advantage of that and use those stores. I also chose Apple because I like their products and I know a lot of other people like them too. They come out with more complex versions of things they make and many people but them. They're also a well known brand. Last, I chose Sears Holding Company because I heard it was doing good and I see the stores full sometimes.


     If I were to go back and make changes to my choices I would have done things differently. I would have picked less or none of Wal-mart because it didn't do very well and I ended up losing more money than it was worth. I would have bought more of Sears because it did very well.In the end it was the only stock to make me money. And I would have done more research before I picked my stocks. Two of the stocks I picked ended up collectively losing more than six hundred dollars. If I had done more research, that probably wouldn't have happened.

    Now that I've done this project, I have some advice for anyone who's interested is buying stocks. Research the stocks your interested in before you buy them. Read up on their past from the last few months and see if they've gone down or up a lot. Pick your favorite stocks and have fun with it. If you have a good feeling about them, go with it. And sell when the stock price is high.

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NHKÆ's Surprising Stocks

For my math stock market project in math class, I chose Apple, TJ Max, and Ebay. We had to follow our stocks for 24 weeks. I picked Apple (APPL) because my dad invested in that company for real and because Apple seems like they are very popular and always comes up with new technology and new products involving touch screens. I picked Ebay because I always check the website for items I would like to have and it seems like it is a very popular site, but it not do very well. I also chose TJ Max because I had know idea what else to pick so I went with one of the stocks that the teacher bought.

I would have changed a lot of my portfolio now that I have more information on stock. I would have bought more shares of apple so I could make some more money because you times the number of shares you bought by the price of one share. I would have changed TJ Max into something I picked for myself and not go with what the teacher picked. I would have picked Panara Bread or Royal Caribbean cruise lines. I would have not gotten Ebay because it did not do very well.

If I could go back to the beginning of this project and I was more serious about it than I am now, before I plan to pick my favorites, I would have researched more on the companies and made sure that they were reliable. I also would have tried to get closer to the metaphorical 1.250.000 Isk ($10,0000) by buying more shares of Apple so maby I could have made more money that way.

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I invested in many stocks that did well. I invested in PIR it doubled in price and I had bought 245 shares. I invested because I did a lot of research and discovered the company. Trinity biotechnology is a biological med company. I invested because I knew that the future is in biotechnology. I invested 8000$ in apple and have not regretted it I have made over 2000$. I invested in apple because everyone has an ipod. I made a lot of money but could have made more if working with more money. I made 4500$ and had 10000$ to invest.

I would have mostly made minor changes to my stocks. PIR did very well and I would have bought more of it. I would have switched TRIB with sears holding because Trib didn't make a lot of money. It only went up by a small amount and was up and down all the time. AAPL did very well but I would have bought less so that I could buy more of PIR. AAPL was expensive and took up a lot of my funds. My stock did very well but I still want a little more.

The key to being successful in the stock market is to do research. I studied long and hard to find PIR. I saw it on the internet and it seemed good so I looked into it. It became a great stock and it doubled in price. TRIB is a stock I didn't know any thing about. I did not do much research and it didn't make as much profit as other stocks. AAPL was a company I liked and so I bought it. It turned out to be a company that is always on the rise it was always active in a bullish way. I did the research if you do to you will win.

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                  PSJA's Jumpy Stocks



The stocks I picked were, Sony (SNE), Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE), and Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO). I picked SNE because it was well known, on the upward trend, makes a lot of products, and I just like technology. ADBE I bought because it used by a lot of people and I thought it would go up but I was wrong. YHOO I picked because I thought it would be kind of funny since we were using Yahoo! finance.

     Some thing I wish I could have changed were... SNE was my best stock because it was constantly bullish until the very end and I wish I had invested more stock in it. I also wish I had bought Pier 1 Imports instead of ADBE because ADBE bearish the whole time. YHOO I don't really feel like changing anything  about it except maybe investing less in that and use more money on SNE.

     Some advice i would give to other investors is... When you are buying do your research and pick stocks that have been steady or going upward for the past couple weeks. Don't look at the 52wk range because it may have been going up gradually but might be on the downward trend when you buy it. When you buy a seasonal stock don't keep it too long because it will probably go down when that season is over. Don't keep your stocks to long; the first time it  goes up and makes you a lot, sell, because when people get too greedy and want to keep waiting they can lose a lot of money when it goes down.






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The companies I picked for my stock project in math were Google, Apple, and eBay.

I chose Google because people Google everyday, and there are millions of companies that advertise to every search. I chose Apple because the keep coming out with new stuff, and people keep buying it.

I chose eBay because I have found things on eBay like my green saxophone, and people can just put their unwanted stuff on it and sell it.

My stocks would go down when the Dow Jones was down, but then they would go up, and stay up. I think that instead of having some stocks of eBay, I should have bought a lot of penny stocks, because some people in my class have gotten a lot of money when the stocks go up by just a little. I could have researched my stocks more, like someone looked up which stocks would go up in the next year.

If you are really serious about this project and want to earn “money”, then you should research stocks before you buy them. But if you don't really care about what happens with your fake money, then just go with your favorite companies, or where you like to go, or buy things from.

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In math class, the companies stocks' I purchased were Apple (AAPL), Home Depot (HD), and Wal-mart (WMT) each for several reasons. When we were viewing stocks to choose which one we wanted to buy, the first one that appealed to me was Apple. I not only had heard of Apple, but I own some of their products. In addition, it was just about the holiday season and I knew that they were creating a new product which probably would sell during this time of year. Also, many people have or would like to have their merchandise, which is expensive but extremely popular. Home Depot caught my attention because in their history, they had risen up at a good pace. They have great products and they're very popular. So I thought they'd make a lot of money this year. The last stock I purchased was Wal-mart. I knew that Wal-mart was visited a lot by customers, and greatly appreciated as a store. Also, their stores are all around the USA, so I thought they would make a lot of money this year because they are so liked by people. I think that I made pretty good choices in stocks by purchasing Apple, Home Depot, and Wal-mart.

There is a lot that I would change about the stocks I purchased because they either rose or fell drastically. For Apple, I would probably add more stocks. This is because they increased by a surprising $68.00 over the course of 24 weeks of following them. Even though Apple is expensive stock to buy, I would purchase more because in the long run I'd end up making more money then I'd spend on it, which is the point of stocks. Home Depot also did well this year so I would buy more of their stocks. My reasons for buying more are that they have done well. However, they have not increased as much as I'd like them to have, they still increased. Since they didn't increase that much, I would buy thousands and thousands of their stocks, so I would really be making more money. Wal-mart, on the other hand, didn't do too well and I wish I had bought less. Even though I only lost $35.00 total on this stock, it just isn't worth losing any money, so I would definitely purchase less.

I have some advice that I hope will help others looking to buy stocks for the first time. I would tell them to buy many stocks that have done well over the course of about five years or so. I would recommend to look at the history of their stock to see if it has done well over tough times in the stock market. Also you should research stocks. This is to see how long the stock has been around. You don't want a stock that just came out into the market because it could be unreliable and even have to close because it wouldn't make much money. Finally, I think that you should check your stocks as much as possible. This would be so you could know if your stocks were losing you money, or gaining you money. If you gain a lot over about one month, don't just sell it because it usually gets higher. I would suggest keeping your stocks for at least one year. Although, if you are losing a ton of money, sell it right away. This is because chances are, it will probably drop even more after the next few months, or even weeks! I hope this advice would help others thinking about buying stocks for the first time.

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My Stock Market Portfolio consists of three public companies that I thought would make me a profit. They are eBay, Walmart, and Walt Disney. I picked eBay because lots of people like eBay and I think eBay is really cool so I wanted to see if eBay was doing well and how they were doing over time. I also picked it to see if I should ever actually invest in eBay. I also Picked Walmart for one big reason. I don't like Walmart and I never have. So I wanted to see how they were doing and it was a last minute exchange for Pier 1 but now I wish I picked Pier 1. I picked Walt Disney just randomly. I really don't know why I picked it I just did. Those are the stocks that I picked from the stock market.

Now that I've sold my stocks I wish that I kept Pier 1 instead of Walmart. Pier 1 did a lot better than Walmart and they have been making money. Walmart hasn't and I lost $100 or more from Walmart. I also wish that I could change eBay into apple, because apple has been doing so well. Especially with the new iPad now I wish I did Apple. Their stocks went up about $200 since we started the stock market project. I wouldn't change Walt Disney because they have been doing so well. I've made a lot of money from them. Only to lose part of it because of Waltmart. Walt Disney basicly kept me in the Black instead of the red. Now I wish I switched stocks so that I could of made more of a profit. Even though its not really money.

I have some advice for people next year who are going to do the stocks. You definetly need to reseach a lot before you finally pick your stocks. Don't just pick stocks because your friends did. You should research how they have been doing before you pick them. Some good stocks are google, apple, and pennie stocks are always good. They tend to go up and when they do if you have enough you will make a lot of money off of them. So research a lot before you pick the stocks. Maybe go on google and see what will make you money.

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In my math class I picked three stock market stocks. I chose Dollar Tree, Aeropostal, Eastman Kodak. Some of the reasons I chose Dollar Tree are because its a fun store to go to, the store is popular, and its a cheap store. I chose Eastman Kodak because it was popular in selling, and they have nice products. I lastly chose Aeropostal because I like the clothing line, they have cute clothes, and its very popular for teens and some adults.

I would have liked to change some things in my stocks and my shares. For Aeropostal I would have liked to change how many shares I bought I wish I had bought less stocks and maybe not even investing in this stock because I kept losing money. Some things about Dollar Tree I would have changed were the amount or shares I bought. It was one of my winning stocks but it wasn't my best investor. For my last stock Eastman Kodak, I wish I had spent more money on the shares because it was my major winner the whole time.

Here are some interesting facts and advice for people who might or are going to invest in the stock market. Before you get right into just choosing some of your favorite stores, do some research! People should research about some stocks they are thinking about investing in, look at the past history. If it keeps going up high then down low then I wouldn't invest in it, but if it it high and only drops a little bit then maybe that's your next stocks. Another idea is to ask past or current investors, they could help you get started by choosing winners and/or the amount of shares you want to buy.

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Stocks that Rock


How to Find Them




This year we had a project where we are supposed to choose a few stocks to invest in and follow. I spent the night before we choose our stocks researching and found some very good stocks. The next day I realized that I had to choose stocks that were in Nasdaq or the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and none of mine were in either. I quickly found some random stocks that I knew or thought were interesting they were Sear Holding Company, Dell Co., and Activision Blizzard. I choose Activision Blizzard because it was the first stock that was mildly familiar to me on the list. The next stock I choose was Dell, because I have a Dell computer and my parents had dell computers. I also knew that Apple was going to make it fall soon and you have to go up before you go down, right? My final company was Sears Holding Company. I choose this company because I had heard of it before, but wanted to know what a holding company is. The other reason was because I had heard of a Sears Tower that is very big so I assumed that if they could afford to build something like that, then they would be a good company to invest in.

Now that we have finished this project there are a few things I would have done differently. Both Dell and Activision Blizzard didn't end up doing very well. If I had known that this would happen then I wouldn't have invested in them. On the other hand, Sears Holding Co. absolutely skyrocketed. If I had known this I would have invest most, maybe all of my money in it. The one other thing I would have changed would have probably been that I would make sure that the stocks I researched were in the Dow or Nasdaq. I wasted a lot of time on stocks that I couldn't use.

There are a few things that you need to remember when investing. Firstly, always make sure that you are following all the rules and are doing what you are supposed to, If you break a rule you may have to pay a fine or forfeit whatever stock you bought without a refund. Second, Don't despair if your stock drops, it should come back up eventually. If you sell to fast you may lose opportunities to gain more money. Finally, always get at least one steady stock to balance out any flukes. If you make a bad investment and lose a lot of money you will still have that steady gainer to make up for your loses.


Stock Genius LRTU

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                                                                                                     Stock Market

The stock market purchases I bought was Gamestop, Wal-Mart, and Nike inc. I picked Gamestop because lots of people shop there especially when its near Christmas because parents might buy their kids video games or something. They also sell new video games so people can get a brand new video game their. The reason I bought Wal-mart is because lots of people shop their. There's lots to buy there you can buy food or toys or movies and many other things. I also bought Nike inc because its a good shoe store and lots of people go to buy shoes there. They have a big selection if shoes that are comfortable and they also don't break easily.


There are some changes I would make with my stocks. I would see Gamestop because I am not gaining much money on it and I also sometimes start losing money. I would also buy more of Nike inc because I gain 77 dollars a week and I have 63 stocks so I gain a total of 880 dollars. I would also invest in Apple because it makes a lot of money because of their new products.


Here is my advice for people who are going to buy stocks. First I would check to see what stocks are doing good. See if the stocks have been losing money and if they have how often have they been losing money if they have been losing money all the time or a lot then I would not recommend purchasing those stocks. If your stocks start doing bad I would sell them so you don't loss too much more money.


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In math class we got a project about the stock market. Everybody could spend 10,000 dollars on buying stocks from three different companies. I picked Google, Apple, and United Technologies. I picked Apple and Google because they are well known, large companies with a pattern of doing good. I picked United Technologies because it had a pattern of doing well too. I picked a lot of technology stuff because technology is commonly used and that Google and Apple were always coming out with new cool things like the droid and the Ipad. I thought these were could variables and that is why I picked them.

For some things this quote comes into play "All that is gold does not glitter". One of those things is the stock market. Some stocks are deceitful, they look promising but then they crash. On of the stocks was Google. When I bought it it was $570. Then next thing I know it goes down to $532 and I had to sell it! If I could change anything about my stocks it would definitely would have been to get rid of Google and buy Hershey. Hershey started somewhere around $31. Now it is $47. I could have made so much money off of that. Also if I could go back and do it again I would get way more Apple stocks. I gained a lot of money from them. But you always learn from your mistakes and you can't go back in time so the best I can do is help others with making the right decision.

Whenever you have the opportunity to get advice, you should take it. Right now I am giving you an opportunity for that advice so you can make a lot of money. For me Google was a let down. I expected to earn a lot of money from it but instead I lost $382. It was doing well and had a pattern for going up but then it went down. Now I know and am telling you to NOT BUY GOOGLE. Instead by Hershey. I almost got Hershey in the beginning but thought that Google would do better. Now it went up to $47 from $30 and google crashed and burned. I could have made a LOT more money and now I give you the chance. If you want to make more money than you should also get stocks from Apple. I bought Apple stocks at $200.31 and by the time I got to sell it it was worth $268. I got a LOT of money, almost 2.5 times more than what I lost from Google. Now by learning from my mistakes you can make lots of smart stock choices and make a lot of money.

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Stock Market


For a Math Project, we each were given $10,000 to spend on stocks. I invested in Apple Inc., Aeropostale Inc., and The Cheesecake Factory Inc.. I invested in them for many reasons that I thought would make me a good profit.. I invested in Apple because it was near Christmas, and I knew that the Christmas before, iPods had been popular gifts. I figured that with the new iPhone and iTouch recently out, it would be a huge hit. I was partly right, but that big boost would come later. In the end, the stock was almost $67 dollars higher from when I bought it! I made $1,771.38 off of them. I invested in Aeropostale because I knew it was a really up-and-coming business and Christmas time would make it do well. The quality of their products is great, and it's very popular. It didn't do as well as I thought, but it went down and up. Eventually, I lost $206.48 off of them..The Cheesecake Factory was the most reliable stock I bought. It was $19.09 when I bought it, and $27.17 when I sold it. I invested in them because it's a nice business with friendly workers, and for many cheesecake is a holiday item. I was right. Also, they have not so bad prices, and may be considered a “special place” to go out to eat, so the holidays would make it busy. I made $824.16 from their stocks.


There are some things I would have changed for the better. I would not have gotten any Aeropostale stocks because I lost money off of them. I'm not sure what I would've gotten instead, but I would've spent more money on the Cheesecake Factory. The Cheesecake Factory did so well, I made $824.16. It wasn't as good as Apple, but it was stressful wondering if I would win or lose. I was lucky when I sold my Apple stock, but for many it was not a good situation. It was unreliable, having a low low and a high high. It was far too unpredictable for my liking.


If you are intrested in buying my stocks, here's my advice. Don't buy Aeropostale. It wasn't a very good investment. I don't know what happened, but it had a low that it didn't recover from. Buy Cheesecake Factory. It was very reliable, and I'm glad I chose it. It didn't make as much as Apple, but that's ok. If you're a gambling kind of person, you might want to buy Apple. But if you like to play it safe, don't buy it. You might want to invest in it when it's at a low, and sell it after a new product comes out. New products are really the reason the stocks go up so high. That's probably the best case scenario.


The stock market project was really fun! It was great to learn about the stocks; I never really understood it until we started the unit. I would suggest “investing”in stocks for fun to learn more about it. It's fun to predict why something will drop in price or climb up in price. Happy investing!

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For the math project I chose Dover Saddlery, Delta Airlines, and Churchill Downs because I have either used the products or like there products. The reason why I chose Dover Saddlery is because I buy a lot of there products and think they have good quality stuff. Dover Saddlery is a store where you can but equestrian products for you and the horse. I also chose Delta airlines because again I have used that airlines before and I enjoyed it. Delta Airlines is a air transportation system. Lastly, I choose Churchill downs because I like watching horse racing at that race track. Churchill Downs is a thoroughbred racing track in Louisville Kentucky.

There are many things I would change from the stocks I choose to the money I put into it. I would change my stocks because the stocks that I chose in November 2009, didn't make a lot of money over the past year. I also would of put more money into Delta Airlines because Dover Saddlery and Churchill Downs didn't make a lot of money but Delta Airlines made more money than the other two.

If I were to give advice to someone who was buying stock there is a lot I could tell them. One thing I would tell them is buy when doing well. Buy when the stocks are going up not down. I would also tell them don't buy low. Don't buy the stocks when they have been staying that same, low price for many weeks and or days.