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See educational technology links and videos on the Classroom Web and on multiple Wiki pages. This blog is no lobger being used by kids because Mr. Smith has moved to higher education - Western Illinois University. Please browse through the articles here to see how many different ways that kids can learn with blogging around the world. Oh, for rock and roll fans, here is a video from our annual Winter Air Guitar Party AIR Guitar Link

Kidlink Landmark 2015 Games - The Project starts again in February. Last year we had so many participants that we had to create Group A and group B in the primary Games. We still had only one section in the Challenge Group (older students). Let's see what happens this coming year in the 2015 Games!


teacher: Terry Smith

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My idea of wearing a seatbelt for safety would be making a video with two of my friends. The two friends are Anjanaya and Mariah. There would be two kids in back and they would have their seatbelts on and the mom in front would not. The mom would not watch where she was going and she crashed and flew out the window and the kids just stayed in there seats and cried. The video that we made would be called Always where your seatbelt! The video that made me make this video up is on the main blog page. The video is really cool and interesting. Remember always where your seatbelt.

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I am Hailey I am in fourth grade at Eugene Field Elementary. My favorite food is chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. My favorite singer is Justin Bieber. The best song he ever wrote was one time. I really care about my sister Carley. I have one dog his name is Gizmo He is nice. I go to dance on Mondays and Fridays. My favorite show is ICarly. I like Junie B. Jones books because they are hilarious. I love animals and I try to be nice to them and I am always nice to them. I have hundreds of best friends and 2 best cousins,Kaitlyn and Abbie. One of my best friends moved to Washington, Destiny Champion. She moved last year in third grade. She was nice to everybody. That was all about me.

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