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Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you enjoy reading the letter letting you know what we have been doing in math class. Module 1, in the students’ textbook, touches on many topics based on the theme, “Making Decisions”. Students earn 10 Math Points for writing and having Parents/Guardians read their blog. Please make a comment to the blog after you have read the letter.

Our next unit of study will be Problem Solving. Students will learn how to solve interesting, unique, and challenging problem. They will see how tables, charts, pictures, equations and Venn Diagrams are used as tools to solve problems. Next, students will become investors and create their own Stock Portfolios.

I will be starting short timed drills so students can assess their proficiency with basic facts. I feel success in math involves both basic skills and higher-order processes. I have included some web sites that provide practice for mastering basic skills and learning math concepts.






Now that I have gotten to know all my new students, I am looking forward to the year ahead. I hope I can help them increase their awareness of the importance of mathematics and help them acquire mathematical knowledge, skills, and confidence to use the mathematics they have learned.


Ms. Harte


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