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[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*] Welcome to our Bright Whetu blog. We are a class of Year 3 children at Westbrook School, Rotorua, New Zealand. We hope you enjoy having a look at what we have been up to.

by Louise Jones
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Some days we are so busy and we don't realise what a great day we are having until it is over.  It wasn't until I stopped to look at the photos I had taken today that I realised how wonderful our Bright Whetu class had been. First they were absorbed in a Maths task where they had to make a plan and then give directions to their partner so their partner could find the last toy or shape on the plan.  Everyone was listening and carefully moving around the plans.  Thinking hard about counting squares and turning left or right.  After morning tea we went to room 11 to make pictograms of an Olympic sport using card.  Everyone was focused on carefully cutting and gluing their shapes to fill the card.  We will print these next week.  They are going to look fabulous.  After lunch they went to School Assembly and were so well behaved they won the Log of Wood trophpy.  That means they can sit on the seats at the next assembly.  Super hard work Bright Whetu.  Miss Jones and I are proud of you. Have a great weekend.

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