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Georgia and Brenna
Lynmore Primary School
Iles Road,

18th September 2009,
RE: Stoats are a pest.

Dear Minister if Conservation Hon Tim Groser,

One of the worst mistakes New Zealand’s ever made was bringing the stoat to New Zealand. We are going to convince you that the stoat is the biggest pest New Zealand has ever seen so that you will give us some money to help control it.

First, the kiwi is an incredible creature, but maybe destroyed by the stoat if we are not careful. Research shows that stoats kill 60% if brown kiwi chicks hatched every year. Believe me the number of kiwis getting killed each year is shocking! Kiwi are endemic to New Zealand so we do not want to lose it.

Second, stoats are known to kill lots of native and non-native fauna but mostly they eat weta. Weta are a native insect also found only in New Zealand. Weta are worth being saved because they are special to New Zealand and help to keep our forest floors clean.

Finally, Stoats are perhaps the biggest danger to blue ducks. Blue ducks, like kiwi are a very rare and endangered species. They need to be protected from creatures such as the stoat and if you provide us with the money we will start a campaign to control them.

As you can see the stoat kills a number of native species in New Zealand and you should definitely give us money to help control it and educate people about how bad they are. If you don’t we may lose the incredible and unique creatures of New Zealand.

Your Sincerely

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