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Room 04 2011

Kia Ora! Welcome to Room 4. We are a room full of gorgeouly clever 9, 10 and 11 year olds in beautiful New Zealand Aotearoa. We love learning new things and always have lots of questions. The world is our oyster!!

by Lucy

teacher: Leanne Stewart

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Bomff!!! the plane hit the runway,
"OWW!!!" we all thought of how much our bums hurt. It had been a bumpy ride to Queenstown,a 40 minute flight had turned into a hour and a half.
We claimed our baggage and picked up our rental car,then went to see my grandma's old baby-sitter Myra who is 95 years old.

Finally we got to Wanaka and drove up to our rential house and unpacked our bags all exited about our ski holiday. Little did we know that our holiday would be ruined because of flooded toilets.

"Oh No" we all said as Dad told us that Cardrona was closed
for a few days all because of some sewerage problem.But all
was not lost because Treble Cone (TC) was open, so we
decided to check it out=http://

WEE!!!! I sped down the slope of TC following my ski instructor turning in parallel. When I got to the bottom I went
back up the chairlift and did it all again.

The next few days were awesome with fine sunny weather and soft spring snow. We skiied at TC for four days. Family friends also came to visit with their baby Amelea Lucy, Milly
for short.

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