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by teacher: rodjer
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One day a sad little butterfly was flying outside. Well, sort of. Her name is Jane. Jane can’t fly yet because her wings aren’t strong. She went outside for some fresh air. Every day Jane is alone because she lives on her own. Jane is too shy to go outside her house. She was going inside her house and went to sleep.
That morning she got up and said, “Wow! My wings are stronger.”
So Jane went outside and flew to the sky. Jane went back down and flew straight into a tree.
“Ow, that hurt!” Jane said.
Jane made up her mind. She was going to go inside to rest.
But her wing was stuck.
“Help! Help! Oh please help!” Jane yelled.
Jane kept on tugging and tugging but her wing didn’t come out. She tried calling again.
“Please! Help me!”
Jane was very hurt. Her wing was so sore. Her wing felt like it could fall off.
Jane was tugging so hard this time her wing was out. Her wing is out now!
“Yay! Yay!” yelled Jane.
Jane was so happy. Jane has been less shy ever since.

Eden by Maria Gabriela

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