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by teacher: rodjer
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Once day Sophie was very sad because she had no friends. So she went for a walk and saw the ducks. Then she came home. She had an apple because she was hungry and they are her favourite fruit. Then she went to her bedroom and thought she would have a sleep. She got into bed and she fell asleep.
The monster lives under her bed. He had to come out because she was snoring too loud. So he thought he would sit on her. When she woke up she saw him and screamed as loud as she could. So the monster came down on her bed.
“Stop yelling!”
So she did. He was half deaf now.
“I’m like you with no friend,” he said.
“Do you want to be friends then?” Sofie said.
“Yes please. I really need some friends,” said Monster.
So they became friends.

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I am 7 years old. I like maths it's very fun. I like chocolate.

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