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I can't believe it! It just went soo fast! There I am, being new to school, and now I'm graduating! It's impossible! It's like I went into a time machine to this year when I'm graduating!!! Okay, okay I think I got the news in my head. I'm graduating. I'M SO EXCITED!!! The graduation will be AMAZING! I hope. What if, I trip going onto the stage. Or, or, if I make a mistake while singing REALLY loud!!! I'm nervous and excited! Which one is more important?! You know what, i'm screaming toooo much. Let me just calm down.

Okay I'm good, I'm good. Phew! I'm just soooo excited=http://=http://! Here I go again. You should stop reading now or you'le be bored from how I'm just going to repeat these words over and over. Remember, I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

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Hi, I'm Michelle!! I'm new to this school, I'm 10 years old and I'm in 5th grade!! My b-days on January 26th, I will be turning 11 in 2010. My hobbies are writing, swimming, playing piano and reading! If there is anything to do with writing I am like soo in it! So far I believe that that is all there is to know about me so...... BYE!

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