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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by MG teacher: Mrs. Gatz



Chapter 4 Blog Response #2


Matthew Goodman


            Discuss in 2-3 meaningful sentences.

  •         I would have played the game and just have fun. But if I didn’t want to play I would call my mom and tell her I wasn’t felling good and not tell her that we were playing truth or dare or spin the bottle. Because that’s why she doesn’t have any friends any more. That’s why she gets bullied and has to go to Dr. Graff to get help.

  •        She just could of kept her mouth shut and just tell her mom she wasn’t feeling good and she wouldn’t lost her friends and get bullied. She could made new friends in her neighborhood or in school she could of made new friends and not have bullies as friends.

  •        No they shouldn’t been playing dirty games. Because there to young and shouldn’t be kissing or take your clothes off in front of boys at that age. But Jodee shouldn’t had told on her best friends and get them in trouble and a spanking.

  •        I would be real mad at Jodee and I might bully her for a month I think she deserves to get bullied for a month. But I don’t think they should ruin her shoes or beat her up especially Steve. Boys aren’t spose to hit girls. If Steve was there peter would of got beaten up by Steve.

  •       No but then yeah because Jodee shouldn’t tell her mom then her mom wouldn’t have told Callie’s mom. They shouldn’t ruin her shoes or beat her up and Steve shouldn’t hit a girl. I think they should bully her for telling on them but not beat her up or ruin her shoes or ruin her sweater from her grandma and ruin it.    


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