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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by MG teacher: Mrs. Gatz


“If you’re good at something the popular crowd deems “uncool”, you are sunk.”



            Like when she goes to the bathroom these three girls come in and start talking and then they start talking to Jodee and then they pulled out a cigarette. Then they lit it and started to pass it around to her friends and then she asks Jodee if she wanted a puff and she told them she had a cold. Then the bell rang so she put it out and went to their next class then the popular girl said see you later. She joined the speech team and when she said her speech in 1st hour people started whispering about her. Then when class was over she was going to her next class and then someone was saying her name behind her and it was a heavy set girl and she told Jodee that was a nice speech you said. Then she asked Jodee if she wanted to go to the mall with her and Jodee said yes. Then they said see you later and went to there next period.


I don't have a real life situation but here is an example:  Billy is the chess champion of Kansas and he loves to play chess. His friends think it's a sissy game and they tease him about been the chess champion of Kansas. But he keeps on playing it because he loves it and his real friends don't tease him.


It could apply at any one's school or in the town where they live.     


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