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"What would you have done if you were at a party of this nature?"

- If I were at a party of that kind of nature, I would have not been part of the game that they were playing, like Jodee. I also would've probably tried to get everyone to play a different game, because they were too young to be doing "that stuff."

"How could Jodee have reacted differently which could have changed her outcome?"

- Jodee could've reacted differently by trying to get them to stop playing that game, or play a different game. It would've changed the outcome of the party, because then the parents wouldn't be involved and they wouldn't have gotten in trouble.

"Should Jodee be blamed for the punishments the students received from their parents?"

- I think Jodee shouldn't be blamed for the punishments her classmates got from their parents because she was just trying to get her mom to come and get her, which led into Callie's mother coming upstairs and then calling the other parents. It also wasn't her fault because it was the other kids' decision to play the game, not Jodee's.

"How do you feel you would have been punished if you had been one of the students at this party?"

- If I were one of those students at this party, my social life would have been taken away for a very long time. I would have no friends over, and vice-versa, and I would only get to go directly to school, and directly back home. My parents would also not trust me anymore, and think that I can't handle myself. Or that I wouldn't have any self-esteem.

"Do you feel the treatment Jodee's receiving classmates is fair?"

No, I do not think the treatment Jodee's classmates are giving her is not fair at all. She just wanted to go home and it wasn't her fault Callie's mom came up and stopped the party. Callie and the other classmates, besides Debbie and Peter, need to learn to forgive and forget, and leave the past in the past.

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