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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by NE teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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Blog A: What student created questions in your group generated the most discussion and justify?

One topic of discussion was… When a person in my group asked why we think Jodee felt safe showing Nicko about her problem. One student said… Jodee new the Nicko didn’t want a sexual relationship with her. Another student said …Jodee trusted Nicko enough to know he wouldn’t make fun of her, or tell anyone about her deformity.

Another topic of discussion was …Why do you think out of all the times Jodees dad wanted to bring Jodee and her mom closer, why now? One student said… That Jodee needs him to, not just her mom. Another student said… Was that Jodee needs him more than ever, and that she going through a really tough time.

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Hey what’s up, you’re probably wondering why I said hi, well because I didn’t know how else to start this so her it goes. Let me tell you a little something about me, like I said before I’m a little crazy. I have one brother but, I will have another one pretty soon. I also have two twin baby cousins I love them so much, we call them sumo wrestlers because there so chunky. I love animals I have three dogs and one snake, yes a snake. I am 14 as of now but, on December 12th I will be 15, I’m so excited. And I love to dance, if you see me dance I would stand back always because I might accidentally hit you in the face. Well I got to go because class is almost over, bye!:)

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