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by Jolly Rancher

teacher: Molly McGraw

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Crazy Crash
We were traveling as fast as we could (all 50 of us) on no water, no food, and no shelter. Finally we reached a clearing in the forest and we could see the remains of an old air force plane. But POOF! Suddenly it wasn’t just an air force plane there was a Ferris wheel and a Tilt-a-Whirl machine.
Well then I turned back to the air force plane. My Dad was standing on top of it. POOF! The plane and POOF! I looked around and I saw a hotel. An old man was standing next to me holding his cat saying,” It’s OK Bessie. It’s OK.” His cane was shaking and he was warring a plaid blue shirt. Then the pilot announced that we were taking off. I buckled my seat belt and we were off. We were 10,000 feet in the air before one of the engines stopped. The other one stopped too but we still had control of the wings.
Screaming, we plummeted down on to a mountain. We went up and down and up again, sliding down the mountainside. Finally we reached the ground at the exact place we started at. We unloaded and when I got off I noticed that I had left my coat on the plane.
Once I was out, I looked around and no one was there. Then I looked up the road and saw everybody at the restaurant. I walked up to it and my grandpa greeted me. POOF!! Suddenly my friend Megan was standing next to me. “Jocelyn, I want you and your friend to help my separate the horse food,” my Grandpa said. “Put the giant popcorn and Nerds in the blue bin and the nuts, bolts and horse feed in the red bin.” “Then I want you to WAKE UP JOCELYN!!” My eyes snapped open, “Do you have my DS charger?” my brother asked. “No but you can use mine,” I said. Wow, I thought, I should stop watching those weird TV shows!!!

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