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We are a class of second graders! There are so many things that bloggers can do: write articles; type things you've written on paper; send comments to give people ideas, make connections, or give compliments; look at the ClustrMap and see where our visitors come from; read comments people have made on our blogs; read Mrs. Shulman's articles; look at the bookshelf; visit different links like Dance Mat Typing and Free Rice; and visit blogs from other classes around the world. Have fun blogging!

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teacher: Mrs. Shulman

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The Three Friends 05/18/09
Something wierd happend at my sleepover with Joseph 05/18/09
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Mrs.Shulman 05/05/09
Mr.( let me think of one how about mr.( ) 04/27/09
Mr.Green 04/22/09
Earth day!!!!!!! 04/22/09
http://kerpoof.com/ 04/20/09
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Well it all started when Joseph was at my house for a sleepover when he forgot the DS's but we were playing with his 2 white Googles then we saw this red dot out my window we thought it was a UFO then we went to tell my mom that we forgot the Ds's so she took us to Joseph's house we didn't bring the googles he got the DS's and we went home we looked out the winddow but we didn't see the red dot we went to bed we were pictochating then the next morning we got the googles but 1 was missing what do you think happend comment and tell me Kevin!

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Hi my name is Kevin. I like to make lego sets. I like to play wiffle ball. My favorite web site is poptropica. That is all about me!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I love to play animal crossing city folk with my cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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