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We are a class of second graders! There are so many things that bloggers can do: write articles; type things you've written on paper; send comments to give people ideas, make connections, or give compliments; look at the ClustrMap and see where our visitors come from; read comments people have made on our blogs; read Mrs. Shulman's articles; look at the bookshelf; visit different links like Dance Mat Typing and Free Rice; and visit blogs from other classes around the world. Have fun blogging!

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teacher: Mrs. Shulman

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Once upon a time their was a family that lived outside in a leaf pile and they did not like school. Every day when the brother woke up he would say were so lucky we don't have to go to school! Then the hole family would wake up and start to say the igsacked same song. Then they would say O.M.G. I can't beleve we just said that at the same time! Even thow they say all of that every morning. Then they all stand up and throw leafs up in the air. That's their way of saying good morning. So they only had about one friend. His name is Sam. He has a sister but she loved school. And her family had to go to school because they could aford it. But the family that lived in the leaf pile gave all of their mony away so they didn't have to go to school! Sam was very jeales that the Martans ( the family that lived in the leaf pile ) didn't have to go to school. But Nathan ( one of the people who lived in the leaf pile ) taght Sam to ditch school. Like what he used to do when he still had money and a house. Soon Sam couldn't stand that his friend didn't have to go to school. So Sam told the prinsible about Nathan's family giving away their money away. Then woosh... the prinsible took of to talk to Nathans parent's. Soon the prinsible came to the Martans house. The prinsible knocked like crazy. Then she rang the doorbell. Then a person opened the door. But the prinsible said your not Nathans mother. So the prinsible closed the door. And she looked every where. Then she saw them in a leaf pile a few block's away from the Martan's old house. So she ran as fast as she could to the leaf pile then... there was a really really big shout. Where's your house and money? Then there was a minut of silense. Then the prinsible told Nathan's family they all have to go to school. But you don't have to pay. But the family said no! But they ended up going.

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Hi my name is Emily, I LOVE to act and to do gymnastics! My favorite color is orange and some other colors. I have a pond of fish outside and a tank inside. My favorite animal is a dog but I don't have one. So if you have one send it right away! I'm just kidding just kidding! I have an older sister and a younger brother. I'm in second grade and I love it! My favorite restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes. I am so lucky that I have a blog! I love to read and wright and blog. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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