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We are a class of second graders! There are so many things that bloggers can do: write articles; type things you've written on paper; send comments to give people ideas, make connections, or give compliments; look at the ClustrMap and see where our visitors come from; read comments people have made on our blogs; read Mrs. Shulman's articles; look at the bookshelf; visit different links like Dance Mat Typing and Free Rice; and visit blogs from other classes around the world. Have fun blogging!

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Be thankful for everything 11/19/08
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At recess 4 of my friends were on the swings and they wanted someone to push them and I said I would and then we started to play house on the swings. Once the bell rang I went to the nurse because I got dirt in my I and got kicked in the same I but I was okay. If you are wondering why it is my favorite well I just had really fun today!

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Hi I am Becca I love animals my favorite animal is a dog because I have one named Sally. She is 3 years old. My favorite color is blue because it is the color of the sky. I have a brother and a sister my brother is in 6th grade and my sister is in 3th grade. I have the best neighbors ever. I am so exited because there are so many babies on my block so i get to mother help.

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