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The Poptart Part Five= Under Water Part One

       The poptarts are underwater deep beneath the top. The water pressure will eventually crush them and they will crumble=http://! Godzilla's corpe sink past the two poptarts. The poptarts are going down deep in the ocean. Suddenly, a manta ray flies through the water. The three poptarts land on top of the manta ray and fly up to safety where the water pressure is very less extreme. Yet the poptarts blast through the ocean top! YAY!!! ...they go back underwater. NOOOO=http:// The poptarts blast back on the manta ray and fly 100 miles before stopping again. The manta ray launch the poptarts off of the manta rays back while the poptarts bounce off of the walls and and they are so close to the top!!!!


 2a9whas.gif poptarts image by loseriffic1


         They're about to break out of the water when a shark is gaining on them!! The poptarts are blasting through the ocean when suddeny, the current somehow blasts them throush the water past the shark. The poptarts aare gaining on the shore when the incline of the sand blasts them into the air!!!!                                                TO BE CONTINUED                                                                                                                                      

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