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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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One day, there was a girl named Sara. She was seven years old. She had a cat named Fluffy, and loved her so much!!! On that day, Sara went for a walk with Fluffy and they went to a friend’s house. Fluffy loved going with Sara anywhere.

On the way to her friend’s house, Fluffy wanted to stop for a break because she was tired. They took a break and got a drink.
Then they headed for a walk to the house.
When they got there, Fluffy didn't feel good at all=http:// Sara was worried, “Why is Fluffy looking that way?”She said.”I don't think I should be here .I should go to the vet.” said Sara. She asked her friend if she could barrow her car.

When Sara got to the vet, she told the vet that Fluffy wasn't feeling well and she told her that she didn't know why. The vet checked Fluffy and she said, “Did you feed her anything?”
Sara answered, “I only fed her juice. Is that bad?”
“YES “said the vet.
“I never knew that” said Sara.
”Well,” said the vet "This is what all owners have problems with, they just say, “I will never do it again” and it happens over and over again!” said the vet .Sara felt sorry for the vet and asked the nurse what should she do to make her cat feel better.
So she left the vet alone to rest and calm down. In the mean time she was waiting until the vet called her again.
“Look, I’m sorry; I didn’t want to give you a hard time. I never knew that. Can’t you give me another chance?”Sara said crying, Come on, Please!!” said Sara.
The vet said, “O.K, But if it happened again, trust me, I will not be here.” Sara felt miserable and she never wanted to go to that hospital EVER AGAIN=http://=http://

So she went home and watched some T.V and remembered something and started crying .She was sad.

The next day, she felt better and so did Fluffy. They went for a walk and this time Sara did not get Fluffy a drink and nothing bad happened to them! Sara said,” Oh, lucky day, nothing bad happened!” Until a huge storm came and Sara said” Except that ” Sara laughed and so did Fluffy. So from now on, Sara had good days and bad days, but she was always happy to have those days!!!

The End

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