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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Hi my name is Isaac Newton and I was born on Christmas on December 25, 1642 at Woolsthrope manor, Lincolnshire. My father died just before I was born, it was a sad time. He died from illness.
I was also born in the same year that the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei died. I would one day grow up to be one of the greatest scientists ever born.
Anyway Woolsthrope was a very small village. In1643 Lincolnshire fell into the hands of the parliamentary army. The first few years of my life were peaceful enough, although the civil war was tragic.

When I was three years old, my mother decided to marry again and the person she married was already 63 years old and didn’t want a kid in his life, so I was left behind in Woolsthrope Manor and looked after by my grandmother Margery Ayscough. I felt abandoned and desperately lonely. I had never known my father, and now my mother had left me. I was so filled with rage that I had even threatened to burn down my mother and my stepfather’s house on their head.

I went to Trinity College, Cambridge. I was in the lowest group because my mother didn’t want to pay my fees. I was elected many times for many things. On October 2, 1667 I was elected a junior fellow of Trinity College. Also became a senior fellow on March 16, 1668.In February 1668, I started working on a new telescope design I thought of. In 1669 I got elected for lucasian professor of mathematics. From 1670 to 1672 I lectured on optics, and I investigated the refraction of light. I also showed that colored light does not change its properties by separating out a colored beam a shining it on different objects. In 1675 I took up the position of being lucasian professor of mathematics.

In 1680 I started to observe comets in the night sky. In January 1684 I exchanged ideas about gravity and planetary motion with my college’s Halley, Hooke, and Wren. My aim was to describe universal laws of motion which underpin the forces of nature. The first law of motion says that if an object that is moving will stay the same until something pushes it. The second law of motion says that the acceleration of an object depends on two things the objects mass and the force acting upon it. So the more force the more acceleration, but the more mass the less acceleration. The third law of motion says that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. In December 10, 1701 I resigned as lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge. In February 1704 I published the first edition on optics.

Finally on March 20, 1727 I died at my home in Kensington, London and on April 4 there was a state funeral for me that took place in Westminster Abbey, London. That was the end of me.

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