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by teacher: gordon
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I remember he egg-citing eggsperiment. I had lost two eggs,but I still thought it was fun. I had even named my first egg! But when it cracked,I didn't feel like naming a second one.

I also remember the Big Zoo Lesson. When I had got my animal,I was so happy! I was watching my animal[a Mongoose Lemur],and I got bored. They were not even a muscle! I sighed,and looked away. All of a sudden,a lemur freaked out! It was literally running on the side of the cage! I didn't know what to do. Then,it slapped it's butt. It wasn't at me,but at the mandrills.It was so funny!

I remember doing Survivor. From getting my first tribe,to getting my second tribe,to being voted out, it's all been tense,but fun. My favorite challenge was when we had to climb the blow up thingy. The big ball challenge was also very fun. Getting voted out didn't really matter to me,because I had a blast in challenges before getting voted out. Being a pirate was also very fun. We could decide who would get voted out,if we could choose the same person.

Another cool thing was the technology! I loved learning about Imovie! It was fun making podcasts,movies,and slideshows! I learned so much about computers,that I don't want to leave this class. I think that I can really use what I have learned about technology. I leaned about widgets,and a lot of other cool things.

I also learned a lot in Math. I learned about adding and subtracting fraction,multiplying and dividing fractions,ratios,and much much more! I know I learned a lot in Math because I have never gotten to the page that I got on.

I loved Reading this year! Reading a book every month really improved my fluency. I also got to hear some really cool fiction stories. Some good books i read were "Raven's Gate","Evil Star","Nightrise","Evil Genius",and Genius Squad". I think that reading these books will help me with writing fictional stories,which I do a lot. Having wikis really helped.

I think that I really improved in Writing this year. We got blogs,so that we could post our writing there. As I said before,reading helped in writing. When I started writing stories about "Ice Shard Island",I got a fell for creative writing. Writing is a great experience,and I'm glad that I could write a lot of stories this year.

I think Social Studies was awesome this year. Learning about early American civilization was really fun! My class also got to do mini-society,which taught me about making money,saving money,and providing a service that people would like.

I had an awesome school year! It was the best year I've ever had!

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