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by teacher: gordon
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My class read the book Animal Farm and saw My Heart in a Suitcase, a play based on Diary of Anne Frank, and there have been many similarities between the two. One is that the Jews were treated very badly and didn't have the privileges that the Germans had. This is just like when the pigs overworked the other animals and didn't give them the privileges they got. Also, the Nazis were like the pigs in Animal Farm because they treated the Jews badly. I thought that Anne's dad was just like Benjamin, the donkey, because they both knew that things were getting really bad and that something needed to be done about it. Another connection was when Anne's family got attacked by the Nazis. That was sort of like the time the farmers attacked the animals at the farm. Also, Dorit was just like Snowball because they both could have all the special privileges and do everything that the higher level beings could do, but they chose to do what's right and stay with their friends, who were lower level beings and didn't get special privileges. So, those were some of the connections between My Heart in a Suitcase and Animal Farm. I hope they were very useful to you.

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