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by teacher: gordon
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One day in Mr. Meyer’s 5th grade class, I started to think about my life during Social Studies. I thought about my job, the college I’d go to, my house, and basically my whole life as a grown up. After a minute, I was in a trance. My daydream started out with me just getting out of High School. That summer, I got information on what colleges had good veterinary classes, since I wanted to be a veterinarian. So finally, after a long time of getting information, I decided to go to Michigan State University. I thought that was cool because I wouldn’t have to move out of state or anything. After that scene, my daydream jumped to one where I was in college. My class was practicing operating on an animal, which looked pretty complicated. Of course, in real life I was only in fifth grade, so I didn’t know about the operation. But in time I would learn. Anyway, when the class was over, I went to a cafe in town with some of my roommates and friends. It was a nice atmosphere in there and I laughed, talked, and had a great time. In my daydream, my life in college looked pretty good, so I was happy. After that my daydream jumped to a scene where I was at work. There were lots of animals that looked like they were in bad condition. I felt so bad for them. Then, I saw myself checking out an animal that was stuck in a tire. It had a broken neck and looked starved. There was a whole team of veterinarians helping me get the dog out. It must have been pretty serious, because all of us looked very worried. Finally, after a long time of pulling and pushing and twisting and turning, I had an idea to pour water over the dog’s neck and then try to pull the dog out. I thought it would work well because then the dog’s fur would smooth out and the dog’s neck would be skinnier and therefore would be able to fit through the tire. After a couple of minutes went by, I got the dog’s head out! Everyone cheered as the dog shook and limped over to me. It looked much happier now that it could move around. Once the dog was spruced up a bit, I put him in a cage and drove home. When I got there, I pulled into a long driveway leading to a big house. My yard was huge and had an in-ground swimming pool in the back. There was also a pasture with a total of four horses in it, one for each of my family members. Once I got inside, two beautiful little girls ran to me and gave me a hug. Then, a sheltie came running after them and gave me a loving smile. I stooped down to pet her. Then, my husband walked in. I said hello and kissed him. Then I went in the kitchen to make dinner. After my daydream was over, Mexico shook me until I was fully back to Earth. She told me that we were transitioning into math. So I got out my math book and thought about how my life might really turn out.    

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