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    I have just seen the play, “My heart in a suit case,” which is based on the book, Diary of Ann Frank and, I had read the book, Animal Farm earlier this year. Both of these stories touched me and I made a few similarities with the book and the play.  

   The Jews, were like the regular animals on animal farm. The others, that aren’t Jews, were like the pigs. When Boxer was taken away, to the glue factory, and his friends were telling him he was going to die, it was like when the Jews were trying to help other Jews try to escape. Ann’s dad, had to do things for his country, but he never got rights. The regular animals had to do things for their farm, but they never got their rights.

   The Jews were treated as blacks, as the blacks were treated back then. They had no rights because they were different then everyone else, even though they were the same too, which was a good thing. In animal farm, many animals had feelings that they were working for the pigs, but for nothing in return. 

   The animals would work their butts off, while the pigs were watching television! It was just like when the Nazis were taking over the Jews. Some of them even fought in the war for their country. Like when the animals fought in the Cowshed to get Jones out of their for THEIR country. When they got injured, and still lived in that country, they didn’t get the same rights as others, that lived in that country. Although, Some animals made it off the farm before the pigs destroyed it. It was like when some children were allowed out of Germany on trains to England, but some children had to stay, and all the parents had to stay. Everyone who was still in Germany were in danger, just like the animals who were in danger from Napoleon. 

   The Jews were scared, and they felt used. The same with the animals on animal farm. They were scared that Jones was going to come back, but also if Napoleon and the pigs were going to take over. 

   The Jews were treated badly. They did nothing wrong except use their rights and advantages for the good. They were put into gas chambers, to die, just because they were Jews. They treated them as if they were not even there. They were treated like they were invisible. They are still human, and people just like us. Everyone around us right now should be treated fairly and not like they are a servant or a slave.  I hope, and I hope everyone else hopes, that no one in this whole planet will ever be treated unfairly, or killed for no reason, not having the same rights as everyone else, being separated from their families, and loosing their hope to ever live, ever again.      

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