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by teacher: gordon
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V- All states representatives should be based on population. 

NJ- I think that all states should be equal and have the same amount of representatives!

RS- I purpose that we come up with a great Compromise. 

V- What do you think about slaves Roger Sherman? 

RS- We shall count all slaves as three fifths of a citizen.

V- New Jersey?

NJ-  Big states have lots of slaves and are counting them as citizens of population. 

V- That is not fair! Slaves should not be treated as property! They may get their freedom some day so we need to treat them as people. We need to end the slave trade once and for all!

RS- I say we end the slave trade in 1808!

V- Yes!

NJ- How can that be fair if slaves are treated like property but they still want to count them as “ people” for voting? Slaves have no rights!

V- African americans DO HAVE SOME RIGHTS! They might get there freedom again... someday. But they are still HUMAN BEINGS!


V- Roger?

RS-Slaves should be freed but the south says that slaves should still be here and so do the big states, not including Pennsylvania though.                                                                                                             

NJ- SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS! But the slave trade should end, Roger Sherman and Virginia Plan.

V- We need to separate the powers by breaking the government into three separate but equal parts. The Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

NJ- Good but still I don’t like it. 

RS- It is a great idea but I suggest that we make the checks and balances. 

V- Yes, each branch has certain powers that can control others but also weaknesses. 

NJ- I think that it is a good idea, but tell me more details.

V- I one branch starts to take over, 

RS- The others will stop them. 

V- Exactly!

NJ- But, I still think that the Virginia plan is bogus!

V- So, what do you have in mind?

NJ- All states should have equal representatives and should be equal to the other states that have a larger population than us. The larger states have no right to have more representatives than the smaller states!

V- Objection! 

NJ- Shut Up! What do you have in mind? 

V- All states that have a large population should have more representatives than smaller states, because they have a smaller population!

RS- How ‘bout we all agree on one thing so we can be happy!

NJ- FOR THE LAST TIME... that is kind of a good idea.


V AND NJ- maybe...

V- I knew my plan will be at the top! 

RS- So we all agree on it!


V- Well then!

NJ- You ***! My plan is right! 

RS- NO need to be cussing fellow friends!

V- Who said were friends ='http://!

RS- We are a country here people!

NJ- I want to go back to king George!

Everyone in room- Shocked! “Huh!” 

NJ- I meant that if we don’t agree on something, we should just be stuck with the king George and pay over priced taxes! 

RS- How about we take some of the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan and make a good government! We will call this meeting The Great Compromise! Slaves will be discussed here and we will write it all down on a piece of paper and will be called the Constitution. Many people will sign it. Do we agree?

Every one in room- Yes!


V- Virginia Plan        NJ- New Jersey Plan          RS- Roger Sherman/ Great Compromise 



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