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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Grade 3A students would like to share the information that was provided by the New York Zoos and Aquarium website about their “wild self” animal characteristics. Each child designed his/her wild self and has taken that name as their Class Blogmeister user name. Welcome to the world of blogging!


Peacock crest - Both males (peacocks) and females (peahens) have a crest of feathers on top of their heads. Next time you are at the zoo, be sure to try and find these roaming residents.

Fossa Ears - Your fossa ears are a hunter's best friend. They can help you track down your favorite snack...lemurs.

Fossa Snout - Even though you have fearsome fossa teeth and look like cat, you're actually a relative of the mongoose family and unique to the forests of Madagascar.

Siberian tiger paws - It's no fun getting stuck in the snow. That's why your Siberian tiger paws are extra large. They work just like snowshoes and prevent you from sinking.

Siberian tiger legs - You are a very hairy tiger. Siberian tigers have thicker and longer hair than most tigers because they live in Siberia, where average temperatures get as low as -5ºF. Good thing you have a warm coat.

Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly wings - Are those eyes on your Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly wings? They're not, but they look like it. They're camouflage to trick birds into attacking the wrong end, so you can escape unharmed.

Siberian tiger tail - Your Siberian tiger tail is a four-foot-long aerodynamic masterpiece. It helps keep your balance when you're running. Just like a spoiler on the back of a race car.

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