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                          Seed Folks

                           By Paul Fleischman

            This book is very inspiring and true to the real world. It is about an old vacant lot, that is turned into a beautiful community garden located in the great city of Cleveland Ohio. Many people in the neighborhood came to this garden to plant many different types of plants and foods that either reflects their life, people, or just plants that they like to grow. Our class read this book together out loud. While we were reading it, we recorded each character and their story of becoming a member of the community garden. After reading this book, we started a project. The project was to create two seed packets on paper describing a character from the book, and a person for our real life. The project consisted of a type of plant describing the person and the qualities of the person and plant. For the project, chose to do Cutis. He is a young man who came to the garden to show a woman that he still had love for her by planting her favorite plant, tomatoes. On my seed packet I drew a tomato with the words, “you never know what you got till it’s gone.” That quote, by Curtis is saying that you don’t know how much you love something or someone till it’s gone. And the second seed packet is another one I created was based on family and friends. I thought this book was very interesting and understandable. This showed all different types of people coming together to share something they all enjoy to do.


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