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F - L 2011-2012

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Ms. Ellwood in Antarctica The journal that most interested me was when the adelie penguin was in their camp. They were doing oxygen tests in the dry valleys lakes. This interested me because penguins are not supposed to be in the dry valleys considering there is no food for them to east, or no fresh water to drink. There is no water to drink because all of the lakes in the dry valleys are rock solid ice up to 10 feet thick. They were quite surprised because this penguin was most likely to wander off from the original pack, and eventually was going to die. Penguins will usually eat minnows which are very very small, but the penguins can eat a lot more than just one. This was the most interesting journal entry to me because it talks about animal life, and teaches you a little about where they are supposed to be, where they are not supposed to be, what they eat, and finally what they drink. This journal entry also interested me because a lot of kids like me like penguins, and how they react to a human. For example, this penguin or any other penguin would not run away from a human or land animal because they know that all of their predators live in the water. This journal entry is the most interesting and enjoyable, and I hope you the viewers will read some of Ms. Ellwood’s journals straight from Antarctica! Thank you and I hope you visit her webpage at www.polartrec.org!


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