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This year in math class we were given 10,000 $ fake money to invest in three stocks. My first choice to invest in was McDonalds. I chose this because McDonalds sponsors many events and I thought ahead to see what events were coming up. McDonalds would also do well in selling fast food because it is a busy time in the country. McDonalds also has a lot of commercials and I thought the commercials would get more business. My second choice for a stock was Nike. I chose Nike because I thought of basketball season coming up and I was thinking that it would be the most popular shoe to buy in the world.  Nike was also popular for soccer season and indoor soccer was starting. My last stock to invest in was Callaway because I thought of the winter coming up and the golf equipment cost less because it was winter.

            Now that this project is finished I realized the mistakes I did through the process this investment. In my mistakes I would change Nike’s investments to change it all. Nike dropped a lot of money in the time of the project. I would want to invest less in this stock and not sell it all. In Callaway I would of invested less. The reason I think this is because the golf season hasn’t even started and I invested a lot in it. If I had the chance I would have sold it and got another stock. Now my last stock was McDonalds. McDonalds did decent in time of this project. I would have invested a bit more stocks into it.

            Some advice I think of when investing in stocks in to look ahead of time why it will be a good stock. Maybe that company is big with sponsors with big sporting events. Also another major part is the government and economy. If the economy is doing really bad don’t invest in that stock. Also another good time to invest is when the market doesn’t have that much trouble. Another good piece of good advice is not to invest to low. Invest to low can be a waste of your money.

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