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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Ms. Ellwood went to see penguins as a special treat. Jean Pennycook and Dr. David Ainley toke Ms. Ellwood to Cape Royds to see the penguins so Jean Pennycook and Dr. David Ainley could study and observe them. But before she went there she toke a tour of were Robert Scott and Earnest Shackleton on their first attempt to reach the South Pole. She saw some of the stuff they left behind, like their dog kennel, hut and stove they had. After Ms. Ellwood went to their hut her, Jean, and Dr. David continued on towards the Adelie penguin colony in Cape Royds. She saw hundreds of penguins building their nest! There were penguins everywhere she could also see little black dots in the distant. (Which were penguins!) Ms. Ellwood saw them stealing each others rocks and putting them in their own nest. Penguins are very funny animals!

After Jean Pennycook, Dr. David Ainley, and Ms. Ellwood studied the penguins they went to the Ice Caves. The Ice Caves are a sort of a cave that is entirely made up of ice and snow! Unlike the caves anywhere else which are rock and dirt. They had to slide down to get inside the cave. The sunlight got thru the ice so it was very beautiful and sparkling. The ice in the cave had a bluish color to it. It wasn’t dark because of the light shining through the ice.
My question for Ms. Ellwood is what was it like at the penguin colony? Was it noisy? Did any come up and greet you?

photo by Ms.Ellwood

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