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                In math we have been doing a project on the stock markets we pick 3 stocks and we invest in them.We were given 10,000 dollars we went online and found our own stocks. I invested in Oshkosh, Wal-mart,  and IBM .I Chose to invest in Oshkosh because they sell cars and the way the economy is going people don’t really have money so people are not really buying things but people will always need cars so they keep investing in oshkosh.I invested in Wal-Mart because it is a good store that sells lots of things that people need so they always seem to be making lots of business’ invested in IBM because it is a business that holds lots of files so they always seem to be making money and not that much of a loss.

                The thing that I would have changed would be investing in Wal-Mart because even though it is a very good company they are In debt so it is not a good company to be investing in right now. I might have invested less in Wal-Mart because they are a good company just not right now because of the economy. I would invest in companies that people don’t really know about because they are the companies that seem to be making money because they don’t have to ask the banks because they don’t make huge profits every day. Right now I would try and invest in lots of companies that are going up like IBM I had never heard of the company before until I saw it online and saw it was going up so I researched it and made a very good profit.

                If I had to give some one advice on stocks I would say that you should be very careful with the stocks you invest in because you may think that they are going up but that can change . During your research , search for companies that don’t make too much money but have a good profit margin then research it again and make sure they are doing good, but be careful because any thing can happen in the economy.I would also say that you should not invest too much money because you never know when the stocks will decline. If you don’t invest that much money in then you won’t lose as much money. Try and stay away from the big car industries and the banks because those places are not doing very well right now and they owe lots of money to the banks so if you invest in them you will probably lose  so be careful and chose wisley because any thing can happen in the stock market.

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