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Super Size Me: the Truth Behind Your Food

    This year in our health class we viewed and discussed the movie Super Size Me, a documentary in which a man eats McDonald's food for 30 days straight. The movie focuses on how fatty foods such as these can affect your health. We watched this because we were studying nutrition and exercise in health class.

   In Super Size Me, a man by the name of Morgan Spurlock decides to run an experiment. He will eat nothing but McDonalds for 30 days in a row, much to the disgust of his vegan girlfriend. He wants to experiment and determine how these foods can affect your health, or even your mood, after a certain amount eaten. He gets the help of a few doctors, who will keep track of his weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. When he first starts the experiment, the doctors predict slight change. However, after a while with the food and little exercise, there is more change than the doctors had predicted. His heath has decreased, and the doctors say he is at risk of hurting his liver. They weren't prepared for that big of a change in his health.

     I learned a few things from Super Size Me. Food from fast food places, although fine every once and while, should not be the only thing you eat. To have a good diet, you need to get nutritional value from other sorts of food items, and eat things like fast food in small portions. If you want to maintain health, you need to balance out your exercise time and what you consume. If the calories consumed are the same amount you burned, you have had a good amount of exercise time. This movie, although slightly changing how I feel about fast food, will not stop me from stopping at McDonald's every so often.








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