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Many people today may not pay much attention to nutrition and health.They may not know that America is the most overweight country in the world.There is one thing that a lot of Americans eat and that is "fast food." In this article it will talk about how a man wanted to put an impact on people and make a documentory of America's eating habits.

The movie Super Size Me is about a guy who wanted to show people all over the country how bad fast food is for you. So he decided to do an experiment of him only eating Mcdonalds everyday for a month.In order for him to start the experiment he wanted to talk with his doctor,nutritionist , and his personal trainer. They all said that going on this diet wouldn't have a bad effect on his body but they didn't know how bad it could really get. During the process of the experiment the man started to not feel good and began getting addicted to the fast food. The doctors told him that he should stop this because it is killing his liver. The man did end up finishing the experiment and he gained a lot of weight from it . In the end he should many people that fast food is bad and people need to pay attetion on how desrtuctive it can be towards your body.

 Throughout watching this movie it showed that eating right and exercising is lacking in the United States.There is way to get rid of obesity and that is eating the correct diet and exercising everyday. Some people may not know it but if people keep eating fast food they could be risking there life if they don' t eat better and workout more.

 If you would like to learn more about this documentory click on the hyperlink below. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/super-size-me/

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