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For the past few weeks in health class, we've been watching "Supersize Me," which is a documentary about a man named Morgan who decided to eat Mcdonald's for 30 days. We watched this video because this whole year in health, we've been learning the importance of staying healthy by eating right and exercising. Everything he eats has to be from Mcdonald's, even water! At one point, he wouldn’t even take pills because they weren't sold at Mcdonald's!

Before he began his experiment, Morgan visited three specialists to make sure he was in good health by getting some tests. He went to a doctor, nutritionist, and an exercise physiologist. To learn more about what exercise physiologists do, click here. To learn more about what nutritionists do, click here. Because he lives in New York City, Morgan walked everywhere. Because he would burn a lot of the Mcdonad’s off, Morgan followed the advice of the professionals and could only walk 5000 steps per day. Also, his calorie intake increased, causing him to gain at least ten pounds. Morgan also threw up a few times because his system was used to the grease-drenched food served at Mcdonald’s. At about the 20th day, when Morgan visited the doctor and nutritionist and was weighed, they told him it really was putting an impact on his health. They asked him to take some pills, but he refused saying they didn’t sell them at McDonald’s. Morgan stood strong and finished his challenge. To learn more about Morgan’s experience, watch Supersize Me!

I really enjoyed watching “Supersize Me,” because it was both entertaining, and it taught a lesson. I learned that although McDonald’s may taste delicious, it is made with cheap unhealthy ingredients, and cooked in dirty facilities. To maintain a healthy weight, you have to eat the same number of calories that you burn. To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn off, and to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat (see * for easy-to-understand equations). Also, I learned that America is the fattest nation and that candy companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising, while organic and “healthy” companies only spend a few million. From watching this documentary, I’ve also tried to eat more healthy and non-processed foods. I’ve also promised myself that I’d never eat McDonald’s again, even though I rarely do, because I learned that Chicken McNuggets are nothing but old chickens combined with unhealthy ingredients!


*Maintain weight: calories eaten = calories burned

  Lose weight: calories eaten < calories burned

  Gain weight: calories eaten > calories burned


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