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         My class studied human forms in health, and watched the documentary "SuperSize Me" as an example of bad eating.  We learned that the process to make their signature "McNuggets" requires a gruesome process that nobody, or nothing, should ever have to experience.  It shows the trickery of the toys in their "Happy Meals" to lure children into their clutches.  The playgrounds and characters, even a television show, were created only to allow the kids to become addicted on the food just for the toy.

          In the video documentary, a man in perfect health, and a vegetarian, has a goal to eat at Mcdonald's for 30 days, as a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Before he accepts the challenge, he asks multiple doctors and has tests, to help his health, and they advise him that he should have an easy time doing it.  There is a catch to it, though, that if offered to be "Supersized" he must accept, therefore, that's how the title is "SuperSize Me".  Throughout the 30 days he does it, he asks multiple McDonald's if they have a nutrition chart to either post or hand out.  The one that he does find is hidden and they won't make copies as handouts.  In the end it makes him so obese and have so much problems that he comes close to death.  He eventually makes it to day 30 with 9 supersizes, and he ate enough McDonald's that nutritionists say he should eat in 8 years, and totally had 90 meals, which is close to the number of meals consumed once a month in an 8 year period.

          In this documentary, I learned that  McDonald's is just trying to get business from people, not caring about the customer's health, because even though they make salads now, they still use so much fat in the dressing that it is just as bad.  a person should manage their nutrition through eating healthy foods with good proteins, such as steak and chicken.  They should exercise up to 1 and a half hours each day. I was personally affected by this realizing hiow glad I am not to be obese, or eating McDonald's daily.  I am sure that, if I do have it, I will wait about 4 months before having one again.  That is why I will be glad that I am not obese and that this assignment will hopefully help you understand to not eat for toys, but to be healthy.         

Good Luck, and have a great summer. D.J. AP

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