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We learn English as a second language. We want to make learning English fun! We love computers and technologies and we love to make friends from all over the world. Come join us in our virtual playground and lets have fun together!

by Liza

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Title: Book Review 1/June (06/20/09)
Description: Please write your book revoew as below :
Title of book:
Number of pages :
Main characters :
Main ideas of the whole story :
I give .......... stars. (state how many) or you can also use emoticons to show much you like or dislike the story.

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BubbleShare: Share photos - Craft Ideas I am a teacher of English as a second language in a class of Year 4 students. My interest are kids and anything that has got to do with technologies in my classroom that could promote effective fun learning . Locations of visitors to this page

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