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This eighth grade class is using the most modern medium and transferring our writing skills from the classroom to a public forum- the blog. They've created blogs that are based in topics that they have chosen, and are given a weekly prompt designed to view their subject in a new and unique way.

by T teacher: Mr. Rezac
Class Assignments
Blog Entries

 How does my blog represent the themes of sharing, collaborating, and participation?

   My blog represents all of these terrific characteristic. My blog represents sharing a whole lot! Sharing is represented by research that i have done. I am sharing with all you viewers out there the research that i have done and i am letting you use it. Participation is a big part of my blog as well as sharing. Without participation my blog would just be plain and boring. I like having a blog that is very unique and different. I have a lot of color in the text of my very important information. Without that personality i would not show participation. Showing participation in my opinion is showing color and personality. If it looks like someone just through words into a blog i dont think that should have the characteristic of participation.


     My blog also shows collaboration. I talk a lot about hair styles and nails which all has to do with the salon. It all comes together by you viewers comments. Without comment i would have no self-confidents in my blog. Colaboration has to do with all coming together to accomplish a goal of some sort. My goal was to finish blogging and have a great blog that viewers love to look at. I think i have made my goal and i am so proud to say thank you. I am saying thanks to all of my viewers for looking through my blog because with you my blog would be nothing! So thanks.


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I go to school in the Midwest. I am very interested in all things at the salon.

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