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Peace and Love; is it here? will it ever come?-

This eighth grade class is using the most modern medium and transferring our writing skills from the classroom to a public forum- the blog. They've created blogs that are based in topics that they have chosen, and are given a weekly prompt designed to view their subject in a new and unique way.

by J teacher: Mr. Rezac
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   This article is going to be about my mom's stances, and mine. We are similar but we disagree sometimes like normal teenagers and their parents do. I told you that so that you know our stances will be different. My mom is more ethical, and I just know what ive learned through life and my research so far. If you are a kid reading this you will know think that my stances are better because I am a kid and my mom is an adult and I know that a lot of teens disagree with their parents. So, all I have to say further is; read through both our stances and then make a choice.

   I think peace is real but people just don't know how to show it. I show peace by trying not to yell at people. In my house there is fighting. I just try to find inner peace by listening to music and drawing out my anger. Having peace calms me down and keeps me sane.

   My mom says that she can agree with that. She says it can also be showed by helping others , being respectful and things like that. Since her life is crazy she needs a way to find inner peace. She calms herself by lighting candles. She can't always be peaceful but she tries to be. When she is peaceful she is kind and happy. But when she is angry she can be a bit loud.

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