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This eighth grade class is using the most modern medium and transferring our writing skills from the classroom to a public forum- the blog. They've created blogs that are based in topics that they have chosen, and are given a weekly prompt designed to view their subject in a new and unique way.

by J

teacher: Mr. Rezac

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Okay I am revwing the BoyslikeGirls album from BoyslikeGirls. If you like upbeat, pop songs garanteed to tap you're foot you'll love this album. This album consists of 12 songs.


1. The Great Escape

2. Five Minutes To Midnight

3. Hero/Heroine

4. On Top Of The World

5. Thunder

6. Me, You And My Medication

7. Up Against The Wall

8. Dance Hall Drug

9. Learning To Fall

10. Heels Over Head

11. Broken Man

12. Holiday

This first five songs on this album, are the stongest and as a result will get the most plays over the long term. After track 5 "Thunder" the album gets into minor hits. One of the weakest songs on this album is "Dance Hall Drug" right next to "Learning to Fall".This album is very upbeat and there are few songs that are slow. I have noticed that a lot of the BoyslikeGirls music is more routine style and sort of repetitive. Most of the songs sound the same but with diffrent lryics. You can tell when it is BoyslikeGirls. My favorite song on this album is " Heels Over Head" its upbeat and very very catchy. But again can be repetitive and routine like. What I mean when i say routine is I can see moves or routines made up to this intead of casual dancing.




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hello my name is natalie i am a student in the mid west. I am in a blogging class and this is my fist blog. I chose the topic music to write about. I love music so much! And I love looking up new bands and artists. This blog will be full of information for the true music lover!

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