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We got to Anchorage in the evening, so it wasn't like we'd get a good day's look at it right off the bat.  But we did get to drive around.  

Streets wise, they're laid out perfectly.  There's not a bunch of different streets, there's a few that make their way all about the city in a neat, not confusing way.  There's this street named Fur Street, and you could guess the kind of stores they have on Fur Street.  Good Job!  You guessed it!  FUR stores!  Loads and loads of them!  I've noticed that outside a lot of stores, they have stuffed bears.  A bit scary, I must say.  There are streets named G Street and L Street, and then other regular names like 5th Avenue, 4th Avenue, and so on.  

      Sorry, I'm jumping ahead a bit quickly.  Let's talk about the outside before moving in. The SKYLINE  of a city says a lot ABOUT the city.  If there's a long, rather tall skyline, it's a big city.  If there is no skyline, if there are no skyscrapers whatsoever, it's a pretty small city.  Or, not really city, more like town.  Personally, I'd go for the medium skyline.  And Anchorage is perfect.  It's not too big, there aren't many skyscrapers, but there is the perfect amount.  

     Then you dig a bit deeper.  Let's take New York City, for example.  There's that big chunk of skyscrapers, but then a rough area starts to leak around it.  No big, shiny, sparkly new buildings. But Anchorage! The buildings don't get "bad" as you move further out.  They stay nice, then they disappear.  You're in mountains then.  Anchorage is surrounded by mountains. All the buildings in Anchorage are new, (most of them are modern) bright, nice to look at!  It's great!  A lot of them have murals painted on the sides of them.  Well, Anchorage is not an old town.  Sprouted in the 40s!  For me, it's hard to think of another town I know of that is that young. Anchorage is also a very clean city.  You rarely see litter, and sidewalks are practically spotless.  

   Many important cities are surrounded by water, and you all know why that is, so I'm not going to bother writing why.  Anchorage does have water by it, but there are no ships on it, and the beach is deserted.  Why is that?  Well, the answer is a bit scary.  The sand is not sand.  It is a spongey, quicksand substance, and if a human walks on it they sink and die.  Yeah, so that's why no one is allowed to go on it.  Now, about our first week....

  Day 1:  We woke up and hit the town.  We first checked out the Performing Arts Center.  AMAZING!  One of the coolest buildings I've ever been in.  I saw a large banner that said that the Alaska Dance Theatre (ADT) performs there=http://!!  I got to pick up a brochure of the School of the Alaska Dance Theatre, which shares the ADT building.   I am dead set on auditioning to attend. That. School.  Did I mention how much I love dance?  Oh yes, it's in the About The Blogger paragraph on the side of my page.  Have you read that?  There is this movie about the Northern Lights called Aurora.  It runs all day every day for the entire summer.  It's a movie of amazing pictures that this photographer takes of the Northern Lights (or, to be all scientific, Aurora Borealis) right here in Anchorage.  We looked forward to checking that out.  We asked these two ladies working there if there was a place they could suggest for a good breakfast, and they suggested the Snow City Cafe.  We headed for the cafe and, on the way, stopped on the Captain Cook hotel, which is named after the famous Captain Cook.  His ship was called The Resolution.  Cook stopped in this Cook Inlet right here in Anchorage, sent two ships farther up north to explore a bit, and then left, discouraged, thinking, "Nothing!  There's nothing here!"  He sailed three voyages, and on the voyage when he stopped in Alaska, he sailed to Hawaii and died while there.  Apparently he was killed by the Natives.  Ugh.

    Anyway, there's this terribly glamorous hotel named after him, celebrities have stayed there, and it' s one of the big things in the city.  We left the Captain Cook and ate breakfast at the Snow City Cafe, and it was delicious!  We'll definitely eat there again.  At breakfast, it was decided that my sister and I would see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 that day.  After all, we did miss seeing it the day it came out, which was our goal.  We had to see it the first day we were in Anchorage, which was three days later.  We saw it in the late afternoon. 

It is my favorite Harry Potter movie.  It is my favorite movie of all time.  It was the most emotional movie of all time.  I cried the hardest I ever had in a movie.  It was just overall incredible, and, I give it 5 stars.  Oh boy...tearing up just thinking of it.....

Day 2: Wait-have I written a bit much for now?  I think so.  I will fill you in on the rest of the week as soon as possible.

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