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We drove.  And drove.  And drove.  And drove.  Then we got to Tok, which was the first stop in Alaska that was not by water.  When we crossed the border of Alaska and Canada, the trees were cleared along the 141st parallel, which looked like a shaved line cut  through the forest of trees. (the special kind that only grow on permafrost) It's hard to notice at first.  You stand on a rock and lift your arms so you resemble the letter "T".  Then, you follow your arms, then your hands, and then you see the line!  

After that, we drove some more and arrived in small Tok.  We stayed in this cabin called the Wolf Cabin, and across from the cabin was a fenced section surrounding a dog house and a play area for puppies.  Inside the dog house, you could see the most adorable puppies alive, sleeping and lazily looking up at you, yawn, lick paw, sniff the air, fall back asleep.  The were so cute=http://! They were sled puppies, all of them black.  I want one!  I want one!  We could only stay there for one night, and the next day we loaded up the car, pet the puppies for 30 minutes, got in the car, drove, drove, drove, drove, drove, and got to........our destination......ANCHORAGE!

Anchorage, unlike many towns we have gone through in Alaska, is not small.  It's not as big as Chicago, but it's  way bigger than my hometown, which is pretty large compared to Juneau.   I'll be staying here for a few months, I've got all the time in the world to explore and get used to it.  By the time I have to leave, I'll know Anchorage inside out, upside down, and backwards.  

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