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Fifteen-year old Megan Maxwell is tossed out of her house by the huge wave that struck Johnstown at 4:07 p.m. on Friday, May 31, 1889 because the dam broke in the book The Terrible Wave. Marden Dahlstedt, the author, writes about Megan as being in a “nightmare world” after being flung onto a mattress in the horrible flood that was occurring at the time. Dahlstedt gives some great descriptive quotes about Megan’s “nightmare world”.

Dahlstedt describes the breaking house and the beginning of the nightmare world in this sentence.

“Trunks whirled by, wicked looking boards splintered with nails, showers of broken glass winged a thousand tiny arrows, linens flapped like eerie white birds, chairs with their legs torn off went whistling by.”

I think this sentence is good. Dahlstedt used pretty frightening words such as “torn” or “eerie”. It creates the image of a “nightmare world”. These words make the passage frightening and similar to a nightmare.

Another quote that I thought gave a good description of Megan’s “nightmare world” was this:

“Painfully, [Megan] began to crawl toward the light, with a kind of blind animal instinct.”

I think this is a good quote. It makes you think that Megan has died and is going to crawl through the hole to heaven, although it is actually a hole in the roof.

I think Marden Dahlstedt is a great writer and writes very descriptive passages and is good at describing Megan’s “nightmare world”. She has written a great book that everyone should enjoy. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog.

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