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1. Safety
You always have to wear a helmet and pads. Also, when you go to the skate shop make sure the person that’s fixing your board knows what he’s talking about.

2. Practice Riding Straight
Practice riding straight before you move into doing tricks. Make sure you're comfortable with riding your skate board. Make sure you don’t lean too far back or else you will fall. Also make sure you keep your balance.

3. Practice Turning
Practice Turning after you're comfortable with your riding. You can move on into turning. The key to turning is to just lean sideways, but don’t lean too far or else you will fall.

Tricks I know
1. Ollie
An Ollie is the key to almost every trick. Don’t get frustrated because it's one of the hardest tricks to learn. What you want to do is pop your board then slide your foot up and then land it.

Tricks I'm Working On

1. KickFlip
This is a trick I'm working on. It is a version of an Ollie but it's harder.

2. Shove It
It's a little bit easy. All you have to do is pop the back and turn it to the other side.

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