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Letter to my 12th grade self (A) 06/26/09
Constitution Works (A) 06/26/09
Akeelah and the Bee (A) 06/24/09
Always her (WP) 06/11/09
Let’s see what we can do to re-re-redo those public bathrooms! (A) 06/08/09
Happy Birthday FamousStar3000 (WP) 06/04/09
So-so-da (WP) 06/03/09
Ants ALWAYS get their way! (N) 05/29/09
Was our last field trip fun? (WP) 05/28/09
Who did you want to be at our field trip? (WP) 05/28/09
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A hillbilly moment (WP, Video) 05/26/09
What kind of dog do you like? (WP) 05/20/09
Read this! (WP) 05/20/09
I want that job! (WP) 05/19/09
Dont Trust Her (WP) 05/14/09
She’s not that old…! (N) 05/05/09
What is your favorite animal? (WP) 05/04/09
SHORT SHORTS #2 (WP) 04/28/09
SHORT SHORTS (WP, Audio) 04/27/09
Famousstar3000 (WP) 04/27/09
SHOES (WP) 04/21/09
Favorite color poll (WP) 04/20/09
Want to have the best time of your liiiffffeeee? (A) 04/03/09
That’s Incredible! (N) 03/27/09
D.A.R.E (A) 03/24/09
Hey hey you you!! - Girlfriend (WP, Video) 03/17/09
Wimpy Kid Comic Contest (A) 03/16/09
Hawaiian Princess (WP) 03/14/09
The Human Vending Machine (N) 03/14/09
Bueler Challenger Center (A) 03/11/09
Final Pioneer Diary Entry (A) 03/10/09
When I growup (WP, Video) 03/05/09
The biggest, no, I mean smallest car built (N) 02/13/09
Messed up cakes?! (WP) 02/09/09
Everytime We Touch, by Casada (WP, Video) 02/08/09
Potential Breakup, lyrics By Aly and Aj (WP, Video) 01/31/09
Do you like crossword puzzles? (N) 01/30/09
American Boy (WP, Audio) 01/27/09
Do you like chewing on pencils? (N) 12/17/08
Wouldn’t that be cool? (N) 12/08/08
My friends (WP) 12/05/08
Me and my sister Ginger (WP) 12/05/08
The values of American Democracy (A) 11/19/08
Famousstar3000's School Report (A) 11/19/08
I don’t love Scrabble that much! (WP) 11/12/08
Robot’s that do your work? (WP) 11/05/08
I would NEVER do that! (WP) 11/03/08
Wow, Imagine walking to school like this! (WP) 11/03/08
The Carnival (WP, Audio) 10/31/08
McCain vs. Obama (A) 10/28/08
The Twelve Million Dollar Clock? (N) 10/16/08
The second edition of. . .(WP) 10/15/08
Do you want to take the bus to Australia? (N) 10/14/08
My beautiful dog (WP) 10/06/08
I am getting a new pet (A) 10/03/08
I can't believe that! (WP) 10/02/08
Jan! Put that net down! (N) 10/02/08
Dear Diary (WP) 09/24/08
All the teachers I had in my life (WP) 09/24/08
America Is. . . (A) 09/17/08
Trouble- The Twelve Million Dollar Dog (N) 09/16/08
Fan World (WP) 09/15/08
The Skeleton Man (WP) 09/15/08

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