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Frank, Max, Sean and Steven were mad at Mario. The whole situation was because of him. Now Mario wasn’t a bad boy. He just hated Frank. Mario wrote that love note. This explains why Frank was mad at Mario.

Max was mad only because since Mario wrote the note, Frank was chasing the wrong person, and they got detention. Sean and Steven were a little mad at Mario. Sean and Steven were only mad at Mario because the whole situation was because of him. Other than that, they were not mad. They were really calm boys. That is, except Max and Frank. Max and Frank were mad. VERY mad. So all 4 boys planned to confront Mario.

Frank said, “Where is that brat?!”

Sean replied, “Well, he likes to do art after school.”

Steven said, “Then he must be in Ms. Lana’s art room!”

Max said,”OK! Let’s go!”

So the boys went to school. It was Thursday. There are lots of after school things to do, so that explains why the school closes at 4:30. The boys finally got to Ms. Stephanie Lana’s art room. Ms. Lana said, “Hello! What can I do for you boys?”

Steven replied, “Is Mario Duson here?”

Ms. Lana replied, “Oh, yes! He is at table 7. Would you like to talk to him?”

Max replied, “Good. Yes, we would like to talk to him.”

Ms. Lana called for Mario. “Mr. Duson!”

Mario called, “OK! Coming!” Mario saw the 4 boys. He had no clue why all 4 boys were mad at him.

Frank said, “Hey Mario, do you know why we are here?”

Mario replied, “No.”

Max relied, “We came here to tell you that the love note you wrote on Frank’s back pack got me and Frank in trouble.”

Ms. Lana said, “Mario!”

Mario exclaimed, “So what? It was revenge for Frank spilling ice cream on my face in front of Casey.”

Sean and Steven said, “Mario, we told on them! It was your fault! We made them stay 45 minutes after school all because of you!”

Ms. Lana said to herself, whispering, “Oh, dear. This could get bad. I ought to call Mr. Henry.” So she called him.

“Hello?” Said Mr. Henry.

Ms. Lana said, “Mr. Henry, we have a bit of a problem here. Mario Duson, Frank Holland, Max Anderson, Steven Harold, and Sean Homer are mad at each other because Mr. Duson wrote a love note on Frank’s back pack. I heard it.”

Mr. Henry replied, “Ok. I will call them to my office, Stephanie.”

Ms. Lana replied, “Thank you.” Then they hung up.

Frank said to Mario, “Mario, why did you do this you little piece of -- "

Frank would have cursed. But he didn’t. He would have. But at that moment, the speaker in the art room was saying,

“Frank Holland, Max Anderson, Sean Homer, Mario Duson, and Steven Harold, please come to Mr. Henry’s office. Repeat. All 5 boys please come to Mr. Henry’s office.”

All 5 boys looked at each other in shock. Then they said, “Uh, Oh!”

To Be Continued... .

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